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Join us For The Stream Of The GloucesterCast 9:00AM Sunday 1/22/23

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THIS! This is why Tom and Gronk Left. Make no mistake about it, and it wasn’t just in the Patriots organization- Boston Sports Media made it absolutely no fun unless you won a superbowl.

The last three Superbowls there was barely any fanfare in store windows. It was just expected and not nearly celebrated enough at the end. we were spoiled. When we were in Tampa last year there were entire sides of buildings painted with Tom Brady’s likeness.

Ipswich River Sanctuary Visit

Inspired by a friend’s photo of a juvenile bald eagle at Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, we took a ride over there for a return visit. It’s a Mass Audubon property located on Perkins Row in Topsfield, a short drive from Gloucester. We checked in as members at the office, were given a map and off we went.

We did not find the eagle, but the discoveries we made along the way were nearly as delightful. We took note of beaver activity as well. We saw mostly relatively common song birds, but they are extraordinarily tame and will come to you looking to be fed. I have to admit it felt great to have them land briefly in my empty hand so that was worth the trip right there. We also saw a hawk atop the Wildlife Tracking Network Station. I wondered which does the better wildlife tracking job, the hawk or the machinery? Some additional photos and story details available at Pat D’s Photos and Adventures on Facebook.

Gloucester 400+ Presents: The Bruins Alumni at Talbot Rink

Cape Ann Community

Come watch the Boston Bruins Alumni, made up of many of the legends we watched in yesteryear, face off against the legends of Gloucester High School Alumni at Dorothy Talbot Rink in Gloucester at 2pm on Saturday January 28, 2023. Puck drop will be at 2pm.

Cape Ann Youth Hockey to be hosting a concession to benefit their organization.

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