There’s A Story Here on Hesperus Avenue!

Here’s the story prompt. Your story must include the elements wheelchair, picture frame and roadside. It cannot include anything related to trash removal services. I saw this and knew there was a story waiting to be told. Let’s here your plot summary.

7 thoughts on “There’s A Story Here on Hesperus Avenue!

  1. John had driven all night. His brown eyes red from hours on the road and shedding so many tears for the man who raised him. He was exhausted from the funeral, the never-ending condolences, and then cleaning outing Jims small home. His truck full of just everything that could fit. John stopped on the side of the road and looked at the back of his truck and stared hard at the wheelchair sticking out of the top. He put his head down on the dash. His memories of learning to play baseball, fish, and even how to run learned from his dad’s side. He got out and pulled out the wheelchair dislodging a picture frame that fell into the leaves. He grasp the chair in his hands and set it down on the ground. As he got back in the truck and drove away he realized he didn’t want to ever think about his dad ever being in that chair again.


  2. Ever since the accident he knew he’d never be able to walk again. When she left him that Dear John letter he ripped the painting of her from the frame. Then He left the frame where he knew she’d see it on her way to work there on the roadside. Since he got his new electric chair he figured he’d ditch his old chair with the old frame. He’s got a new life from here on out. He’s gonna roll on with his life.


  3. I can explain the whole thing. My bad. It was the night of the annual SOUP Derby – single occupancy unpowered vehicle race. We start at the entrance to Hammond Museum, speed through the winding curves of Hesperus Avenue, and finish at the intersection of Western Avenue. We had quite a crowd that night – skateboards, bicycles, razors, and an antique big wheel. I borrowed a friend’s wheelchair, and grabbed my great grandmother’s mirror in its gilded frame to use as a rear view mirror. We pride ourselves on safety first. I was screaming through the turns in first place when one of those pesky turkeys that inhabit the woods of Hesperus Avenue dashed in front of me. I’m telling you, cut me right off as I leaned into the turn at Mussel Point Road. I didn’t want to hit it and those wheelchairs don’t have much of a braking system. So I ditched into the hillside. I would have cleaned up the whole scene, wheelchair, frame, broken glass and all, but I sprained my wrist something fierce. I fully intended to get back to it the next morning when I saw the post on Good Morning Gloucester. No worries, I’ll volunteer for a couple of community service hours in the spring.


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