Our Friend Scottie Mac Needs Our Help. Please share This information From His Family and Friends

If you are unaware Scottie is currently in a hospital in Jamaica.

Scottie has suffered multiple injuries and is currently in stable condition but has not regained conciousness. He is heavily sedated to limit any stress on his brain and spine. His condition is currently not clear until testing takes place. Senator Tarr’s office has been contacted and is inititing action in conjuction with Seth Moulton’s office to get a State department representative to him at the hospital ASAP. The Jamiacan tourism Board has also been responsive in confirming Scottie’s location at the hospital.
Costly testing is needed to confirm that Scottie is in a good enough condition to be transferred via med flight to the US. Estimates for the med flight to Miami are coming in at $23,000, and if to Boston $45,000. Currently the family has set up an account at Cape Ann Savings Bank check’s payable to Scottie’s Aunt’s Name “Theresa Bunker” with Scott MacDonald in the memo line.
Cape Ann Savings Bank 109 Main Street Gloucester MA.

This is a tremendous hardship on the family as you can imagine and I know so many people love and support Scottie as he has been such a huge part of our community and always there for so many local organizations and businesses.
Please keep Scottie and his family in your prayers what is needed now is all the positive energy and political will to keep the spotlight on getting Scottie home safely and in good health.

This post has been put together in conjunction with Scottie’s family including his Girlfriend Alison, Father Bernie, Mother Nita, Sister Tammy and Aunt Theresa.

Please no donation is too small and if you can’t get to the bank please reach out and we will make a trip to your house to hand deliver a check on your behalf.

Thank you so much for your support and generosity at this time and we will be sure to keep you all updated.

Again Checks made out to Theresa Bunker, Scott MacDonald in the memo line at the bottom of the check

Delivered to Cape Ann Savings Bank 109 Main Street Gloucester MA.

We can arrange to pick it up and deliver it to the bank for you.

Also Better Together For Cape Ann Facebook group has a Venmo set up and they say they will pledge 100% of the proceeds to Scottie’s Fsmily Link here-

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