A Mystery and More — pat morss

There is never a lack of interesting happenings around here. Recently – historic ships coming to Cape Ann for maintenance by knowledgeable craftspeople; a mystery as to the animal contractors at Niles Pond; and celestial bodies showing off.

Northern Lights hauled out for work at Gloucester Marine Railways, Rocky Neck
Beaver, replica Boston Teaparty Museum ship, on the ways at Maritime Gloucester
Refurbishing will include new masts, bowsprit and rigging
Over on Niles Pond, is this an otter den? Otters have been sighted.
This mysterious mound has appeared over the last month. Buffleheads are looking on.
A Red-eared Slider turtle was compacting this new mound several weeks ago
It has now grown into a high-rise, with a concerned Painted Turtle observing at the lower left
On the next rock over, “We’re taking a stand and will defend our favorite sunning rock”
Last week the full moon was headed toward a total eclipse
It developed a beautiful red glow at totality, shortly before setting
A month ago the moon was setting behind the Eastern Point Lighthouse, not yet ready for an eclipse
And sunset has now migrated behind the lighthouse in an annual rite of passage, headed south

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