Orcas On The West Coast

We are in the San Juan Islands specifically to see orcas and eagles. BINGO on both counts, but for this post I will focus on the orca adventure. Whale watching in this part of the world is similar to ours in many ways but different in others. One reason is that orcas can be seen here and they have some habits that are a bit varied from our own humpbacks. We took a ride out in a small boat (I’m told it’s a Nyack and there are only 3 in the US) with about a dozen other people and sought the whales nearly to Whidbey Island. Here we found a group of 5 Biggs Killer Whales along with another pair. They seemed very active and playful. We followed them along for a while and they even swam under our boat and a pair surfaced right next to us. Thrilling. The day prior produced zero whale sightings for that trip. We were very fortunate! Thanks to our friend Nichole Schrafft for giving us some tips for this trip which is panning out to be more than memorable.

For additional pictures and story details, please visit Pat D’s Photos on Facebook. If you have never seen an orca penis, you might want to check out more photos there! That should push the views up…….

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