Heidi Dallin shares a reminder about Cape Ann Symphony’s outdoor concert in Magnolia next week. The program sounds glorious!


Yoichi Udagawa, Music Director


Sunday August 21, 2022



Cape Ann Symphony announces A Special Outdoor Concert on Sunday, August 21, 2022, at 4:00 pm, featuring CAS lead flutist Stephanie Stathos and the Cape Ann Symphony Chamber Orchestra under the direction of CAS Conductor and Music Director Maestro Yoichi Udagawa performing poolside at the home of CAS President Fran White, 179 Hesperus Avenue, Magnolia, MA. Refreshments will be served. Seating for the performance is limited to 75. Ticket prices are $45 for adults, $40 for senior citizens, $20 for students of any age; and $5 for youth 12 years old and under. For tickets and further information, call 978-281-0543 or go to

Maestro Udagawa looks forward to returning to perform at 179 Hesperus Avenue.

“The musicians and I are thrilled and excited to be able to perform together during the summer, and are grateful to Cape Ann President Fran White and her husband David for opening up their large backyard to host a concert again this year. It is such a pleasant, tranquil (and bug free!) venue that offers the audience close proximity to the musicians – a chance we don’t get often in large concert halls! “

This special outdoor concert features Charles Floyd’s Hymn For The Fallen, Wolfgang A. Mozart’s Flute Concerto in G Major, performed by CAS lead Flutist Stephanie Stathos, and Joseph Bologne’s Symphony No. 2 in D Major.

“The musicians and I are delighted to share this gorgeous music with our audiences” explains Maestro Udagawa.

Charles Floyd’s Hymn For The Fallen, commissioned by CAS, had its world premiere in the CAS March 2022 Concert. “Charles Floyd’s incredible piece for CAS was a highlight of our 70th Season, points out Maestro Udagawa, “I was eager to perform this inspiring piece outdoors with our chamber orchestra.”

Floyd wrote Hymn For The Fallen to highlight the sense of isolation and helplessness experienced since 2020.

Hymn For The Fallen begins in isolation with violins commencing a tuneful exposition that is later joined by violas and cellos. The harmonies that build are bittersweet, but quite tonal in nature. Polytonality (the simultaneous use of two or more keys) plays a big role as a vehicle to prevent the emotional affect from feeling too ‘settled’ or too ‘sweet’. This is to reflect the notion that the emotional aspects of the past two years remain largely unsettled and unresolved. The final result is a haunting melody that is as singable as a hymn which (hopefully) does not gloss over the gravity of sadness rather than to honor with reverence the loss of a loved one. The rise of the COVID-19 pandemic and the insurmountable loss of life as a result of it, various riots, fear, brutality, extremism, civil unrest, confusion, grief, and violence inspired me to create a series of works called The Fallen of which Hymn for The Fallen is one. The series is not intended to be performed in one sitting. Rather it is a collection of works on a series of difficult topics.”

Charles Floyd

Maestro Udagawa looks forward to sharing Mozart’s first flute concerto with audiences, “Mozart’s first Flute Concerto was written in his early twenties. It is a beautiful work, and really requires the soloist to have tons of technique. Stephanie will do an amazing job, and we are all thrilled to be able to perform this work with her. I’m sure the audience will love it.” Commissioned by the Dutch flutist Ferdinand De Jean in 1777, Mozart’s Flute Concerto in G Major, his first flute concerto, was written in 1778. Mozart was supposed to provide four flute quartets and three flute concertos, but he only completed two of the three concertos. The piece is divided into 3 movements: 1. Allegro Maestoso; 2. Adagio Ma Non Troppo; 3. Rondo Tempo di Menuetto. The Andante for Flute and Orchestra K. 315 is thought to have been written as an alternative slow movement for this concerto, but there is no existing manuscript. Stephanie Stathos is the Principal Flute of the Cape Ann Symphony and the soloist in Mozart’s Flute Concerto in G Major Ms. Stathos is thrilled to play this Mozart piece with CAS, ” This wonderful work is part of all classical flutists’ repertoire,” points out Stathos, “Most of us begin learning it in high school and continue to study it throughout our entire careers! The third movement is a favorite of mine for its humor and joyful 3/4 meter, alternating between sparkling 16th note passage work and beautiful, lyrical melodies. I am delighted to be performing this concerto with the Cape Ann Symphony Chamber Orchestra this coming August 21.”

Stephanie Stathos earned her degree in Flute Performance from Boston University’s School for the Arts. Based in Lincoln, MA, Ms. Stathos is first piccolo for the Lexington Symphony. She has served as the piccolo and second flute with the touring orchestra of the National Lyric Opera of New York. As soloist she has performed throughout the United States and Europe. Other appearances include performances with many of New England’s ensembles including Boston Landmarks Orchestra, Rhode Island Philharmonic, Symphony New Hampshire, Atlantic Symphony Orchestra, Concord Chorale (NH), Newburyport Choral Society, and North Shore Chamber Music. Ms. Stathos also is passionate about jazz, new music and ethnic music.

Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges, is the first known classical musician of African descent. A man of many talents he was a composer, virtuoso violinist, conductor of the leading symphony orchestra in Paris, and a soldier and a renowned champion fencer. He was celebrated in Paris when the then unknown Mozart visited the city.

“Joseph Bologne had an extraordinary life, and it’s reflected in his music, ” says Maestro Udagawa, “Audiences will be enthralled with his Symphony No. 2. Last summer we performed Bologne’s Symphony No. 1 and I am so pleased to be able to share more of his extraordinary work with our audiences!”

photo credits:

Yoichi Udagawa, CAS Conductor and Music Director Photo Credit Jeph Ellis

Cape Ann Symphony Chamber Orchestra led by Maestro Udagawa performing at 179 Hesperus Avenue Courtesy photo

Stephanie Stathos, Principal Flute of the Cape Ann Symphony and the soloist in Mozart’s Flute Concerto in G Major Photo Credit: Robert Torres
Charles Floyd, Composer Hymn For The Fallen Courtesy Photo

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