Meet Emmanuel….

I have a touch lamp that turns itself on randomly and I have taken to calling it Emmanuel when I walk in the room and it has turned itself on again. This is after the up-and-coming media star Emmanuel the Emu: “Emmanuel, don’t do it!” I very rarely recommend social media sights to you all (excepting present company of course) but if you need a little humor and levity in your feed, I strongly recommend check out Knuckebump Farms and @hiitaylorblake on Tik Tok, Instagram and Twitter. You may find smiling. Here’s a compilation from Knucklebump Farms and Taylor Blake in Florida as posted to YouTube. You are welcome. Don’t be surprised to hear me say it on the podcast one day…..”Emmanuel, don’t do it!” To whom do you suppose I will be referring? Do YOU have an Emmanuel in your life?

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