Fire At Beacon Marine #GloucesterMA – East Main street closure

Notes on photos: 8:00AM heavy smoke streamed out the roof edge of the iconic Beacon Marine Basin at 211 East Main and one prominent plume rose rapidly. Smoke clouds were visible from a great distance. Highland Street was soon closed because fire truck crews accessed water lines, ran hose. (Hydrant difficulties.) Update 8:40: I’m told that the smoke is darker and multiple town assistance was underway. May all impacted and those assisting be safe. It’s locally owned and site of cherished vintage store, artist studio, workshops, and businesses. Update: 9:40 – well under control. Crews attended from water and street. Thankful incident happened in daylight. Update: 10AM neighbors hear welcome sound of firetrucks backing up.

6/24/2022 – See Ethan Forman excellent coverage and the impact of the fire – Gloucester Daily Times

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