The Boat and Train Edition — pat morss

This posting is for people who need a break from wildlife. It is representative of the marine traffic that passes our house (except for the train).

It has been a windy spring for getting boats in the water
And for the fishing (“Capt. Dominic”) and lobstering fleets as well
But the US Coast Guard is always out there training
Tug and work barge from Prock Marine in Rockland, ME
Ryan Marine’s research vessel “R/V Kraken”
“Onnered,” docked in East Gloucester, is classified as fishing vessel
Filming with “Finestkind,” for new movie of the same name
Surrounded by schools of pogies breaking the surface
Don’t allow “Evergreen” near the Annisquam or Cape Cod Canals
First track of the rebuilt Annisquam drawbridge carrying trains
Years in the making

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