A Letter To My Dad Libby Ciaramitaro From College Dated 4/11/85

Brian referenced in the letter is Brian Tarr on of my dad’s best buddies. Brian was a Bentley grad and wrote a letter of recommendation for me. They both mercilessly busted each others balls, similar to how my friends and I interact. I was 19 when I typed this letter out and stuck it in the mailbox, my dad was 44, nine years younger than I am as I compose this blog post.

DeNucci referenced in the letter is Alex Denucci, son of Joe DeNucci State Auditor Joe DeNucci.

From Joe DeNucci’s obituary-

Joe DeNucci died on September 8, 2017 from complications related to Alzheimer’s disease

Joe grew up in Newton (Nonantum) Mass. He graduated Newton High School when as a junior he stated his professional boxing career. Joe was a top ranked contender and has the distinction of having the most boxing matches in the history of the Boston Garden. He was inducted to the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame in Chicago. After his boxing career ended, he was elected in 1977 to the Massachusetts House of Representatives where he served as Chairman of Human Services and Elderly Affairs. Joe was then elected State Auditor in 1986 and was the longest-serving Auditor in the Commonwealth’s history where he served 24 years before retiring in 2011. 

My Dad Libby passed March 21, 2017, just months apart. two strong Italian men.

Anyway here’s the letter I wrote my dad from my college dorm room in Oak Hall, Bentley College.

3 thoughts on “A Letter To My Dad Libby Ciaramitaro From College Dated 4/11/85

  1. Joey — what a beautiful letter from a very young YOU! Shows you had a writer inside your head even then. I loved that you shared this. Karen AKA Churchmouse


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