Mayor Greg Verga Announces Private Roads Working Group to Address the Maintenance and Repairs of the City’s Private Roads


The Private Roads Working Group will utilize their experience and expertise to formulate a recommended action plan to address the City of Gloucester’s private roads.


Today, Mayor Greg Verga officially announced the creation of the Private Roads Working Group. From day one of this administration, it has been a priority to find strategic and creative ways to address the state of our City’s roads. The Private Road Working Group will work together to explore what can be done under the City’s private ways ordinance and State law to address the unique circumstances surrounding private roads.


“My office receives an overwhelming number of inquiries from constituents regarding the state of our City’s roads,” said Mayor Greg Verga. “Private roads present several challenges, but I feel confident that this group will come together to present a realistic action plan.”


The group consists of City Council members and several Gloucester residents – each member bringing a wide range of knowledge and experience to the group. Suzanne Egan, City of Gloucester General Counsel, will support the group as they explore the legal limitations and policy associated with the private roads system. Over the next several months, the members will examine the existing ordinances and laws to explore ways for the City to improve the process and conditions of Gloucester’s private roads.


The members include:


●       Valerie Gilman, Ward 4 City Councilor and City Council President

●       Sean Nolan, Ward 5 City Councilor and City Council Vice President

●       Bill Hellmuth, Gloucester Resident

●       John Bourneuf, Gloucester Resident

●       Karen Bell, Gloucester Resident

●       Doug Fifield, Gloucester Resident


In addition to creating the Private Roads Working Group, Mayor Verga has made a significant investment into the Department of Public Works budget for the City’s public streets. The Mayor has committed $300,000 in a supplemental appropriation for this fiscal year and increased the pothole budget for Fiscal Year 2023 to more than five times the current budget. This financial support will allow the DPW to make significant improvements to Gloucester’s public ways.

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