Audubon(s) East and West — pat morss

We have our Audubon Sanctuary on Eastern Point, and we visited the Evergreen Lake Audubon Sanctuary west of Denver last week. FIRST THE EAST.

Look! I’m growing antlers
Eiders conducting diving school in the shallows off Raymond Beach
A Killdeer faking a broken wing on the Brace Cove causeway
‘Follow me away from the nest’ (wing looks fine)
A quiet moment before sunset for Mallards on Niles Pond
Buttercup-leaf snack before bed
NOW THE WEST – the Rocky Mountains, headed toward Evergreen
A clever clean water reminder, with a cut-out in the sign
Colorado has its gaggles of geese too
Elk contemplating ‘fake news’ signage
Who gets to cross the bridge first? (We backed down)
End of a nice day on the water

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