Update on the names Listed On The Vietnam Memorial

As you probably noted, the memorial honoring the Gloucestermen who where killed in Vietnam was recently re-located to a newly designed area at Stage Fort Park. In response to my earlier post about the memorial relocation (link here) , FOB David Collins sent a question regarding the number of names listed. Some online sources note 12 Gloucestermen killed in Vietnam and the memorial lists 11 names, as noted below. He wondered if there was an explanation for the discrepancy so I did a little research.

The 12th name is US Airman William K. Hinkley Jr. I reached out to Cape Ann Veterans Services and Vee Chipperini did some digging for me. She discovered that William K. Hinkley Jr. was originally from Manchester so he would be listed on their rolls. With an assist from our good friend Pauline Bresnahan, I also heard from Lucia Amero who informed me of the same and that William is buried at Pleasant Grove Cemetery in Manchester. Thank you all for pitching in to clarify this issue as we wouldn’t want any service member unrecognized.

The newly relocated memorial looked great on Memorial Day for its informal unveiling.

Gloucester Servicemen lost in Vietnam

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