New Location Planned for Vietnam Memorial in Gloucester

I had been curious as to the project underway at Stage Fort Park creating a foundation and new pathways so I checked into it. Mayor Greg Verga informed me that the DPW is working to create a new location for the Vietnam Memorial which is currently located (at the time of this writing) at the Gloucester High School. I think this is a tremendous idea! The new location will be perfect for the quiet reflection and appreciation appropriate for our Vietnam Veterans.

This is from the City website regarding those being honored (since it’s hard to read from the photo). Thank you to these men and their families especially on this Memorial Day weekend.

UPDATE: The memorial was moved and a ceremony is planned for 10 AM Monday Memorial Day at the new Stage Fort Park location.

From the current high school location:

To the future location at Stage Fort Park:

2 thoughts on “New Location Planned for Vietnam Memorial in Gloucester

  1. Looks absolutely beautiful. The brother and family of SP4 Paul Knowlton thank you very much for remembering.


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