Lobsta Land Osprey Nest Update

I was watching the Essex Greenbelt Osprey Cam a day or so ago and noticed an empty water bottle had appeared in the nest along with the reported 3 eggs. The Lobsta Land marsh pair, known as Annie and Squam, have successfully nested at this location for several years and David Rimmer has faithfully kept us all up to date on the goings-on. You can catch up here on the story as it develops AND watch the osprey cam.

I was timely enough to catch a view of the changing of the guard as one partner (I believe Annie) flew off briefly giving the other partner some nest time (presumably Squam). The couple quickly reunited in the nest for some maintenance. I noted one of them was kind of pecking at the empty water bottle but couldn’t really get a grip. Obviously it was carried into the nest along with some other debris. In general the couple seems happy with their nest home and I will keep my eye on it especially as we approach the expected hatching date range June 5-10 (thanks Dave!). It’s quite addicting once you start watching.

Some screenshots:

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