Miraclein February Info From Bill Proposki

This coming February cannot come in your lifetime again. Because This year’s February has

4 Sundays

4 Mondays

4 Tuesdays

4 Wednesdays

4 Thursdays

4 Fridays

4 Saturdays.

This Happens once every 823 years.

This is called Miraclein.

Actually ‘Miraclein’ means ‘Miracle or ‘by the hand of God’ in Ukrainian.


Joey, thanks for the work you do creating a vibrant and fun community for us all!

Bill Proposki

As you read through Tom Brady’s Retirement Post there’s no other way to take it but a huge FU to Patriot owners, coaches and fans. It’s beyond disappointing.

A huge Brady fan an appreciative of all the joy he brought to our lives this really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I find it to be totally unnecessary to dismiss New England and mention specifically the Tampa Bay fans, coaches, owners, players and organization.

Pretty sad and totally unnecessary.

Huge thumbs down.

Scroll through the pages on his latest instagram post to read his statement.

I count 8 FU’s to the Patriots, Coaches, Fans, Region and General Manager.

Tom Brady owes me nothing. He owes every other New England fan exactly nothing.

Having said that, this statement, knowing how smart and calculating Tom Brady and his agents are, is very disheartening and I just don’t see what purpose it serves.

He’s not dumb. He knows it’s a slight.

Snow PAlooza At Howard’s Flying Dragon Antiques

Do you ever drive by those windows and find yourself thinking, “How do they come up with new and relevant phrases every single day? I always look forward to seeing what is in the windows at Howard’s Flying Dragon Antiques. Some days write themselves….but, surely other days they must have to dig deep to find something to spell. Must kind of feel like doing blog posts each day.

Cozy Lunch at the Azorean

We met friends for lunch at the Azorean on Washington St recently. We were greeted like old friends, served efficiently and allowed to enjoy a leisurely visit with our friends. It’s a great spot for dinner OR lunch! Jim had the fish sandwich, I had a burger and our friends had mousse for dessert. As a bonus, I tried the Irish Coffee on Irish Coffee Day and I’ll be having another someday. I don’t always think of the Azorean for lunch, but it’s at the top of my list now!