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Eligibility Forms for the 2022 Round of Community Preservation Act Funding are Now Available

These funds are available for Open Space, Historic Resources, Recreational Land and Community Housing 

The City of Gloucester is now accepting applications for the 2022 Community Preservation Act (CPA)  round of funding. Eligibility forms must be submitted by March 8, with full applications due May 3.  

Eligibility forms and more information can be found online at the City’s website: 

The CPA is a Massachusetts state law (M.G.L. c. 44B) that allows communities to adopt a property tax  surcharge of up to 3%, the revenues from which are matched by State funds. By popular vote in the fall  of 2008, the citizens of Gloucester adopted a 1% surcharge to be spent in accordance with the  provisions of the CPA. Since then Gloucester has funded dozens of deserving projects that otherwise  would not have been able to go forward. 

CPA funds can be used for one of four purposes: 

o Acquire, create, and preserve open space; and rehabilitate and restore open space if acquired or  created with CPA funds 

o Acquire, preserve, rehabilitate, and restore historic resources 

o Acquire, create, and preserve land for recreation use; and rehabilitate and restore land for  recreational use 

o Acquire, create, preserve, and support community housing; and rehabilitate and restore  community housing acquired or created with CPA funds 

A nine-member Community Preservation Committee (CPC) of Gloucester citizens was established in  accordance with the terms of the Act. The CPC consists of four members at-large and one representative  each from the Historic Commission, the Conservation Commission, the Housing Authority, the Planning  Board, and Open Space & Recreation. 

The mission of the CPC is to study the needs of the City of Gloucester in cooperation with various City  boards, departments, organizations, and citizens and to solicit and evaluate proposals for the use of  Community Preservation Act funds for the maximum benefit to the City of Gloucester. The CPC will  recommend to the City Council those projects which it deems will best achieve the purpose of the  Community Preservation Act legislation in the areas of open space, historic preservation, affordable  housing, and recreation.

Anyplace Called Home

Cape Ann Home

This Dorchester home looks like any other on the outside. It’s a home like many others, one that is both entirely unique and just like the neighbors. When this project came through our doors, we wanted to amplify that. Create something that would stand out, yet anyone would feel at home with. With bold finish choices and a little rearranging, we did exactly that. 

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Rhumb Line Wednesdays… 6pm Start witH John Jerome and Allen Estes as His Special Guest 2.2.2022

They call John Jerome the “Island Cowboy.”  Well, I guess that’s a good name, ’cause he seems to have taken full charge of tha traucous rodeo we’ve all  known for so many, many years to be Rhumb Line Wednesday.  No finer example than this very week, as he hosts one of this island community’s most prolific and notorious country cowpokes, the great Allen Estes!  This promises to be a match made in Heaven, for sure.  The chute opens at 6pm!

Dinner with great music!

*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
The Rhumb Line Kitchen……features Morgan Forsythe!

 Dishes are better than ever before!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!

Upcoming…2/9 John Raymond Jerome Hosts 

Visit: forward……to seeing you soon 🙂

Enjoy a FREE APPETIZER at any Serenitee Group restaurant today 2/2 if you are part of the Serenitee Rewards program!

The Day After Yesterday: Portraits of Dementia – – A Conversation with Artist Joe Wallace at the Sawyer Free Library on Sat. Feb 5 at 2pm

Cape Ann Community

The Gloucester Lyceum and Sawyer Free Librarywill be hosting a conversation with artist Joe Wallace about his powerful photo series “Day After Yesterday”this Saturday, February 5, from 2-4 pmwhich is currently on display in the Library’s Matz Gallery.

The photo exhibit juxtaposes Wallace’s portraits of individuals living with dementia with a photo of the subject at a younger age and a brief narrative of who they are as people.

The goal of this body of work is to de-stigmatize those living with dementia, use empathy as a means for connection and understanding, and tell a more complete story of those living with the disease and its effect on their families and loved ones.

Trained as a journalist, Wallace has been a portrait photographer and storyteller for two decades and has a deeply personal connection with dementia.

As his website outlines, his approach is to depict the whole…

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