I’m not sure there’s a more thoughtful gift than a personalized bag from Again and Again Sailbags

Kate gave the awesome Regina her vision for a gift for Charleen’s birthday and Regina made it more perfect than she ever could have imagined!

Kate writes-

If you’re looking for an amazing gift or something for yourself, Again and Again Sail Bags are perfect! I gave her an idea of what I was looking for and she created this masterpiece. Perfection!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CaFwXv_Pwkt/?utm_medium=copy_link

Click image to go to Again and Again Sailbags

Video: The Interstate Highway System Explained Very Informative!

Rich Evans Explains-

I always knew there was a logic to it, but I never saw it explained so well until I stumbled upon this delightfully informative short video on how the US interstates are numbered.

Those with 2-digits traverse the entire country
If they end in “0” they run East-West (10, 20, 30, ..)
If they end in “5” they run North-South (5, 15, 25, ..)

Those with 3-digits are bypasses and contain the last 2 digits of the interstates they bypass.

That’s it! (plus exceptions 😉 )

Talk about shaking things up For The MLB Playoffs!

Save the Date




Join the Greater Cape Ann Chamber’s Health & Wellness Committee for the 1st Annual WellFest! A Greater Cape Ann Community Wellness Fair.

This event will showcase the Cape Ann region’s broad range of health and wellness services. From yoga and massage to general health screenings and resources, this event will provide something for people of all ages!

  • Food & Nutrition
  • Movement, Balance & Exercise
  • Hearing & Vision
  • Holistic & General Healthcare
  • Youth Development, Lifelong Learning & Aging
  • Mental Health Wellness
The event will also include a Blood Drive with the Red Cross. To learn more about the event or to become a vendor, please email sara@capeannchamber.com


Summer Offerings for Grades 1-8

What are your kids doing this summer? Harborlight has some great options for students in Grades 1-8. Beginning June 20th, students can register for any two-week session all summer long.

Read the descriptions below and learn more about June weeks HERE and July and August weeks HERE

Harborlight Montessori, 243 Essex Street Beverly, Ma


Lower Elementary (1st-3rd grade) 
Monday, June 20, 2022 through Friday, June 24, 2022

During this week, students will explore our campus, coastlines, and neighboring habitats for signs of summer (officially June 21st!). Students will spend the week using their five senses to observe and record the changing of the seasons in places such as the woods, tide pools, and local gardens. At the end of the week, each one of them will find a medium to tell their story of summer in New England. 

“Live in the sunshine, swim in the seam drink in the wild air.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson



4th – 8th Grade
Monday, June 20, 2022 through Friday, June 24, 2022

Did you know that Massachusetts has 228 museums? During this week, students will visit a different museum each day to explores themes in art, history, and science. Harborlight will equip each student with a sketchbook/observation journal for taking notes and drawing. They will explore exhibits and galleries, roam the grounds and halls, think critically, examine purposefully and be immersed in culture. They will also complete a scavenger hunt in Boston that highlights some of the city’s most spectacular murals and street art. The notes they take, memories they record, and images they sketch will serve as a visual diary of their studies.



Lower Elementary (1st-3rd)
Monday, June 27, 2022 through Friday July, 1, 2022

Geocaching is a fun recreational activity for all ages. Students will go on real-world treasure hunts in their outdoor adventures this week. Geocaching is a fun recreational activity for all ages, it is a game of following GPS coordinates to ‘hide’ our own geocache objects and seek geocache objects already hidden by other players in our geocaching global community. This week’s lessons will build upon Harborlight’s Botany, Zoology, Geography and Environmental Stewardship curriculums. It will challenge students to apply mathematics (measurement, estimation, graphing, and Geometry) to their field experiences in nature.



Upper School (4th-8th grade)

Monday, June 27,2022 through Friday, July 1,2022

Much like Chronicle’s Main Streets and Back Roads, students will explore gardens, footpaths, statues, parks, trails, waterfronts, and more of our neighboring cities and town. Students will visit Gloucester, Salem, and Newburyport to explore tourist attractions, off-the-beaten-path destinations, notable architecture, and the hidden ‘quirky-corners’ of these communities. While on campus they will design a destination brochure for an imaginary  city or town of their own that is inspired by their favorite sights, sounds, and flavors from the week’s adventures.


Beyond the Pond

Lower Elementary (Entering 1st-3rd)

July 5th-July 15th

This two-week session will focus on the water around us. Students will look at both freshwater and saltwater sources. Students will visit area ponds and beaches to learn about the life that lives in those habitats.  They will further explore water via art and science and stories. A good dose of summer fun will be incorporated in each session through water play, picnics, music, bike riding, and lots of outdoor time.


Project Runway

Upper School (Entering 4th – 8th)

July 5th-July 15th
Design, Create, Decorate, or repurpose!  Students will spend two weeks engaged in the design and construction of clothing and accessories.  Be it handbags or headbands or hats, dresses or denim or dinner jackets, sneakers or sunglasses or sweatpants….students will run wild with their ideas.  Whether learning to measure, cut, and sew or decorate, embellish, and repurpose, students will create a small collection that is as unique as they are.  Design challenges will be sprinkled into the session as well.  As collections become complete the planning of a fashion show will begin.  On Friday, July 15th, students will present their pieces to an audience as they take to the stage for a showcase. 


Out of This World

Lower Elementary (Entering 1st-3rd)
July 18 – July 29

The Universe and space are always interesting to lower elementary children as they begin to wonder about their place in the world. This session will focus on the solar system and stars. Students will learn stories about the constellations and create a “solar system” walk around campus. A good dose of summer fun will be incorporated in each session through water play, picnics, music, bike riding, and lots of outdoor time. 


Film Making with FC Academy

Upper School (Entering 4th – 8th)

July 18 – July 29

Students will bring creativity to life in a fun, collaborative, and exciting environment. They will learn skills in scriptwriting, storyboard sketching, improvisation and camera skills. Together they will write, shoot and edit a film in a genre of their choosing and edit their project together using the professional editing software Adobe Premiere. All necessary equipment will be provided by FC Academy for this class.  At the end of the two-week session student films will be shown to an audience of family members.


Spy School

Lower Elementary (Entering 1st-3rd)
August 1 – August 12

A spy pays attention to details and sees things in ways that others don’t.  During this session students will use their senses to observe the world around them and solve problems and challenges.  They will observe nature and how nature uses camouflage to hide in plain sight.  They will examine fingerprints, learn simple ciphers, experiment with invisible ink, and work collaboratively to accomplish missions. A good dose of summer fun will be incorporated in each session through waterplay, picnics, music, bike riding, and lots of outdoor time. 


Let’s Go!

Upper School (Entering 4th – 8th)

August 1 – August 12

Get ready for some adventure!  Students will be on the go for two weeks engaged in a variety of activities that scream, “Summer Fun.”  Kayaking, disc golf, biking, paddle boarding or surfing, mini golf, hiking, and a minor league baseball game are some of the activities that may be on the schedule.  


Game On!

Lower Elementary (Entering 1st – 3rd)
August 15 – August 26

This session will be all about games.  Board games, tag games, water games, card games, dice game, obstacle courses, and sports.  Field trips for mini golf and bowling will round out the sessions. Students will create games to be played and shared with others.  A good dose of summer fun will be incorporated in each session through water play, picnics, music, bike riding, and lots of outdoor time. 


Follow that Food

Upper School (Entering 4th – 8th)

August 15 – August 26

Source local products from farms, orchards, and even the waterfront to cook/bake delicious treats.  Learn about where food comes from and the path it takes to get to our tables. Explore the science of baking and visit a local restaurant.  Students will share some of what they have made via a prepared meal for guests or a bake sale on campus.  


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Bischo Remains a Favorite

Bishcho on Main Street remains a favorite for a filling lunch with a great people-watching view! I prefer the Italian sandwich while Jim likes to get soup and a half sandwich. In this case, Italian Wedding soup and tuna sandwich. It’s a perfect spot for people watching while you eat. Give it a try if you haven’t yet.