Free Streaming Nia, Restorative Yoga and Moving to Heal Classes via Zoom with Linda for the Week of Dec. 20th Special Xmas Day Nia Class 10 AM

Cape Ann Wellness

I have had a few new people ask me why I do these classes for free. It started out way back at the beginning of the pandemic. Seems like forever right? I moved from teaching at MAGMA and Manchester Athletic Club to my upstairs office. I had to learn how to Zoom and how to get the music and mic working in tandem rather than against each other. But, the costs and worries about rentals and numbers in classes were non-existent. Yes it costs something to use Zoom, to maintain my web site and keep up my Nia membership and health instructor insurance, but I felt it was something I could offer to people struggling as they were in lockdown and later in assessing the risks of exercising in a space with others. Most of my students are older, mature rather, and many have conditions that make Covid dangerous. So…

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