Does Anyone Have One Of These Tiny Refrigerators?

Does anyone have one of these? I wonder if they’re cute for a few small items….or completely useless? This may be the toughest year yet to think of things that my two boys (now 14 and 12) need/want for the holidays. I’m all about experiences and tickets and quick trips, but I also want some boxes under the tree. This is, in fact, the first Christmas in my house where there will be no Santa (sigh…yay…sigh…not sure how I really feel about that….but more on that in another post) so gift giving will look very different. Both boys have, at one point or another, said that having a small refrigerator in their rooms would be “cool”, but I’m not about to do that. I’m definitely not in the market for keeping them holed up in their boy caves unnecessarily with a stocked fridge (also, look for a post on the logic of “Fridge” vs. “Refrigerator) but, these little ones hold a few waters, seltzers, sodas and some tiny snacks. Maybe just cute enough for a little gift? Anyone?

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