Coral-copia! Great News at Great Barrier Reef- superb spawning season 2021 plus generous support from Billie Eilish #Cairns #Australia

Marine biologist, (Gareth) “Phillips said conditions have to be just right for the reef to erupt — it only happens at night, several days after a full moon, the ocean must be calm and water temperatures above 26 degrees for a full month.”

Kristy Sexton-McGrath, “Great Barrier Reef Explodes with Life…“. ABC. 11/23/2021

The Great Barrier Reef coral spawning event was captured on film by scientists off the coast of Cairns overnight. (Supplied: Calypso Productions) – one of the photos accompanying the article

“…This spawning event is another sign that the reef is recovering, it is not all doom and gloom for the reef, it is looking amazing and it is very encouraging to see it bouncing back.”

As quoted in article by Kristy Sexton-McGrath for ABC

Read the article, Sexton-McGrath, Kristy. “Great Barrier Reef explodes with life during spectacular coral spawning”. Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). November 23, 2021. & view more pictures here

Billie Eilish on it –

Gil Kaufman. “Billie Eilish Teams With Coral Watch to Support Great Barrier Reef Conservation: The singer lent her song ‘Ocean Eyes’ to the campaign to save coral.” Billboard. 11/22/2021

conference game Saturday! New Balance Newell Stadium GHS BOYS SOCCER (14-2-2) #GloucesterMA Fishermen

No. 8 seed in Div. 3,

2021 Northeastern Conference Lynch Championship Winner, and — I believe — the GHS regular-season record.

Pentucket plays East Boston today. The winning team will travel to Gloucester Saturday. I will update Gloucester’s opponent for the home game Saturday asap.

Gloucester has a real opportunity to make history this season as no Gloucester soccer team has ever made it out of the second round of the tournament (formerly known as the sectional quarterfinals). 

Neil Curcuru, Gloucester Daily Times great sports reporter, read the article here


Earlier this week, Danny helped at scrimmage vs. Marblehead ahead of the conference tournament. Both teams also practiced penalty shots.

Nature Prevails | Vanessa Michalak + Chloe Leigh Two shows November 2021 | Jane Deering Gallery

Paintings by Vanessa Michalak Opens November 6-21, 2021

Handcrafted Fine Jewelry by Chloe Leigh – pop up November 20-21

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