As if we didn’t love dockwa enough

Mondays off thanks to the “Game of Thrones Clause.” Brilliant. If you follow GMG you’ve probably heard Joey talking about Dockwa….we’ve even had them on a podcast or two. Dockwa is a company who will book slips and moorings for you via their website or an app much like using a third party to book a hotel room or a flight.

I heard yesterday that they, thanks to their parent company the Wanderlust Group, are now giving all of their employees Mondays off and it’s genius…and they’re seeing productivity and profits increase! According to (read more here)

“We were all spending an astronomical amount of time in front of screens,” says Mike Melillo, CEO of the Wanderlust Group, parent company to Dockwa and, which are platforms similar to OpenTable where consumers can reserve and book slips at marinas. “Boating was one of the few socially acceptable activities, and by the middle of May we were burnt out.”

Melillo decided to enact his “Game of Thrones” clause. “I always said, if on Sunday night while watching Game of Thrones I was dreading going to work the next way, I should not go to work. Work should be something you’re passionate about.”

Melillo used Sundays to plan for the week ahead, which cut into his weekend downtime. “l was miserable and felt drained, and I knew my employees probably felt the same way,” he says. “Taking Fridays off would be fine—everybody does summer Fridays. But the majority of our employees live in coastal towns, and the best time to get outside and explore and enjoy them is on a Monday when everyone else has gone home.” The company’s 45 employees who work out of the company’s Massachusetts and Rhode Island offices were given Mondays off as an experiment. “I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but I knew something had to change,” says Melillo. Read more…..

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