Boston lights Lanterns at Franklin Park Zoo

We have a wonderful time at the Boston Lights Lantern Experience at Franklin Park Zoo a few days ago. After studying sunset times, we purchased tickets in advance online for 6:30 PM which worked out very well (except for the traffic on the way there due to rush hours and Red Sox game). It was just getting to be dusk and there was ample parking and fewer people as the sun began to set. When we left an hour later, the parking lot was jammed and people were pouring in. The traffic on the drive was no fun but it was still a very worthwhile visit. Additional pictures and details can be viewed at my Facebook page Pat D’s Photos and Adventures.

The light displays were awesome in their variety and entertainment value. Some move and/or make noises and all are pretty spectacular. As GMG Jim noted: “It is not lame”. Very popular with families and tickets appeared to be available upon arrival as well as by presale. Most of the zoo animals were not out at that time of day so don’t expect to see many if you are going for the light experience. Food, drink and snack stands were open for business.

If you aren’t up for the trip to the zoo, here are some samples of the sights for your enjoyment. Next time we go (and we will go again another year) we might round up some children to take along to add to the fun. The show goes on until Oct 11 2021.

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