Consolidated Lobster Letterhead From Bev Low

Good morning! Nice to see you yesterday afternoon at my PT job slinging liquor at “the Locker!” Getting organized this morning and attaching a copy of the cool letterhead used by Consolidated Lobster Company back in the 1930s Not exactly sure when my grandmother, Aune (Hakkila) Gray worked there, but believe it was when she was young, before she married my grandfather Don Gray. My mother was born in 1937.
It’s pretty snazzy letterhead – raised type and nice color. I love that the lobster is holding a top hat and a cane. I think you had a GMG post several years back with a photo of one of Consolidated’s delivery trucks. Great history. Located in Bay View. I have a few copies of the letterhead if you’d like one.
Happy Summer, Joey! See you around town. I am pretty sure I am working one shift on the Water Shuttle for Capt. Steve Douglass this summer, so will shout over if we pick up passengers at Cripple Cove!
Bev Low

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