Progress Starts Today: Seaside Sustainability Recognizes World Oceans Day

Every year on June 8, World Oceans Day is celebrated across the globe to raise awareness of the Earth’s oceans, and the need to care for them. For Seaside Sustainability, a nonprofit organization based in Gloucester, MA, every day is World Oceans Day. The organization equips individuals, businesses and communities around the world to take action to protect ocean health. The 2021 World Oceans Day theme is “Life and Livelihoods,” which emphasizes how both wildlife and human-life rely on our oceans. 

On World Oceans Day and every day, Seaside Sustainability provides a variety of opportunities to make a difference at the individual, local, and global levels.

  • Individuals can learn how large their plastic footprint is by taking Seaside Sustainability’s Plastic Quizzes. The short series covers topics such as personal care, food, grocery, beverages, and the household. At the end, quiz takers are provided with tips for how to reduce their plastic footprint.
  • Seaside Sustainability is a distributor of Seabins, which can help reduce microplastic accumulation wherever they are placed. 
  • Additionally, a Single-Use Plastic Ban Guide is available as a free download to help aspiring activists create legislation in their community. This guide is based on Seaside Sustainability’s extensive experience and expertise implementing single-use plastic bans, including one of the most comprehensive in the country. 

Seaside Sustainability has created a series of infographics that will be shared on social media to promote 2021 World Oceans Day and the educational offerings Seaside Sustainability provides. The infographics are enclosed.

About Seaside Sustainability 

Seaside Sustainability, located in Gloucester, Massachusetts, was founded in 2017. Seaside Sustainability is a non-profit with the mission to protect our coastal waters through education and action. Seaside Sustainability continues to dedicate its resources and efforts to instigate action and change in the community.

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