Check out The Building of The Kingfisher Presented by Ron Gilson and Erik Ronnberg

Presented by
Ron Gilson and Erik Ronnberg
Arthur D. Story Shipyard
Essex, MA
Circa 1947

The following history is the story I promised, from the year 1947, when Gloucester’s Fishing Industrial Revolution was in full swing.

It is presented here from my memory as a 14-year old working on the Gloucester waterboat, “Wenham Lake”.  This F/V Kingfisher story is recounted from official Essex shipyard records; Dana Story’s Kingfisher construction photos; my personal records and interviews with E. Lewis Knickle, Kingfisher’s startup chief engineer; and lastly, my early advisory contribution to Erik Ronnberg, Jr., the model builder of the F/V Kingfisher.

Ronnberg is a nationally acclaimed vessel model builder, currently serving as Maritime Curator at our Gloucester Cape Ann Museum.

Ron and Erik at Cape Ann Museum

This in-depth presentation is for historical purposes.  The facts as presented are done so in hopes that this history will live on in Gloucester’s fishing industry annals.  Ron GilsonJune 2020

Ten years ago, Erik called me and asked “in my opinion” what vessel was the most innovative, modern in concept, architecturally designed, “easern rigged side trawler”, built in an Essex shipyard in the 1940’s era.
As Erik listed the desired characteristics, there was only one vessel that qualified. . . the F/V Kingfisher!Owned by business partners Larry McEwen and Thomas Hudgins, the 109′ Kingfisher was launched from the A.D. Story Shipyard, Dana Story, Builder, Essex, MA on Marc 25 1947.

Illustration April 1947 feature aticle of Fishing Gazette

Read the rest at The Gloucester I Love 2 Blog including 87 pictures in total detailing the construction of the Kingfisher at his link:

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