Signs of the times: JUST WEAR IT – face mask reminders on CATA buses, storefront doors #GloucesterMA

Have you seen the great Gloucester Youth Leadership Council JUST WEAR IT mask up design on CATA buses and business and organizations around town?

Look back at public appeals 1918


Mask were encouraged in public appeals in the Gloucester Daily Times 9/30/1918

Directions for making Gauze Face Masks
Use as fine gauze or cheesecloth as possible. Fold material to make five thickness and cut an oblong 3-1/2 x 7-1/2 inches. Make three half-inch plaits at each end, turn in edges and stitch. Cut four feet of tape into four lengths and sew one to each corner. Make box plait 1-1/2 inches in width in one of the long edges of the mask, stitch down one inch. To adjust, place mask over face: tie tapes from upper corner around back of head and tape from lower corners around back of neck. Place box plait over nose. Masks should be worn by attendants whenever caring for those sick with influenza or pneumonia.
They should be changed at two-hour intervals and oftener if wet, and immediately boiled for five minutes, (illegible), or wrapped securely in paper bag or newspaper until they can be boiled.

Gloucester Daily Times 9/30/1918


Now if ever the citizens of Gloucester must meet manfully the terrible calamity that like a thief in the night has come upon the City. Now if ever they must stand should to shoulder, looking out confidently into the future. It is not the time for the brave men and women to turn backward, “Courage, now if ever.” must be written in large letters upon the faces and in the hearts and homes of every citizen. Gloucester men and women have never failed to meet the direst calamity no matter how severe it has been. Many times in her history has the hour seemed the darkest and the cloud has seemed to have no silver lining. War has frequently called (illegible) Gloucester men to battle and many have fallen. Storm and (illegible) has wrecked many a vessel and thousands of her bravest fishermen have (illegible). Fire has twice devastated her principal street. Business (illegible) cast a hoary gloom over the city when hundreds of men have been out of employment and the city has been most insistent in meeting the poverty of the people. Never in all the three hundred years since the landing at Stage Head have the people lost heart nor given up the fight. Standing closer to each other when the day was the darkest, the men and women have looked into each other’s faces and gathering courage have gone about their tasks determined that come what will they would not give up. And today her people, under the lead of men and women whom the emergency has raised up to lead them, will face the future and will do everything that men and women can do to strengthen and sustain those who are sick, those into whose home death has come, those whose hearts may be faltering. Let no one feel that there is nothing for them to do. If they cannot nurse the sick, if they cannot carry sympathy into the homes where death has entered, if they cannot give of the dollar so sadly needed, surely they can do many other things (illegible) and not down out and not in, they can lend (illegible). The request has been made for the co-operation of all persons that they shall give over their own selfish pleasures and that they shall deny themselves in every possible way. Let the request be heeded. Cut out in every way all those things which one can do without. And to those into whose sickness has come there is still a duty and a responsibility. They too must co-operate. They too must have courage. They too must do their part. No person in whose home, there is sickness, no person who is sick or has been sick should mingle with the people until all danger from the sickness has passed. When the danger has passed and not till then must they resume their ordinary routine of living. Courage men and women of Gloucester! Stand shoulder to shoulder as never before. Look manfully into the present and into the future. The Almighty God is still the good Father and He will not forsake His people nor allow Evil to triumph. Courage, the courage of brave hearts and the confidence that is born in faith—these will win the fight. Courage, even if the hour seems the darkest. Be patient, be kind to one another; be calm. All will yet be well.

Gloucester Daily Times Op Ed 9/30/1918

1918 Flu pandemicU.S. population 103.2 million (1917)675,000-800,000 estimated deaths (1918-1920)
Massachusetts population
3.7 million
3,693,310 (1915) 3,852,356 (1920)
2020 covid-19 pandemicU.S. population 331 million300,000+ deaths reached this week
Mass. population 6.7 million11,388 deaths reached this week

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