Podcast sharing prize for Sunday’s podcast: Trisha Clinch’s Drift Soap Gift Bag

Trisha Clinch :

I have a small soap company Called Drift Soap, based out of my home in Gloucester. I’ve been selling the soap mostly via curb side pick up at my house on Pavilion Beach, since the majority of the craft fairs I usually sell at were canceled for the better part of this year, due to Covid. I launched the company last winter right before the pandemic. I’ve been doing pretty well by word of mouth. I post on the local FB sell groups and go from there. It’s literally a beach “cottage industry” because my customers pick up their orders curbside at the entrance of the beach house where I live.
One of your subscribers, who is a fan of my soaps, suggested I contact GMG to see if I could get a mention to spread the word about Drift Soap. Or maybe there is someway I could advertise or run a special GMG offering just for your readers.
I keep it very simple: just all natural, old fashioned artisan soap bars, cut into big rustic pieces with a local, coastal vibe. My soaps are larger than most at 5oz ea. The fragrances I offer appeal to a local customer base, with names such as: Driftwood, High Tide, Beach Rose, Sea Lavender…I even have a soap called Lobster Farts and one called the Greasy Pole!
 I do everything by hand including the soap making, cutting & labeling. The labels are decorated with pieces of local driftwood. I use premium organic ingredients such as coconut oil, hempseed oil, Shea butter, olive oil, botanicals, sea salt and fragrance. 
If you’d like some samples I’d be happy to provide them to you! I’d love to get more exposure during the holiday season as I’ve got great gifts such as soaps packed in large clamshell sets as well soap sampler stocking stuffers that our local peeps can pick up easily right here on Beach Court!
Many thanks for reading! Here is our FB page and some product photos. https://m.facebook.com/DriftSoapCompany

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