Cemetery Stroll Through Wesleyan Cemetery

We came upon the Wesleyan Cemetery on Wesley St in Riverdale on a recent drive-around and had to go back and explore a bit. Find A Grave listed two requests for photos and off we went in search of those gravestones.

According to my copy of A Guide to Cemeteries in Essex County, Massachusetts from the Essex Society of Genealogists (1991), the Wesleyan Cemetery is private and has been run from about 1805 (it’s noted with a ? so I assume that’s an educated guess) but it does not feel like an “old” cemetery. It is small and well kept. Pathways are clear and there’s an interesting mixture of old and more modern gravestones. As you will see in the pictures, older grave sites have modern markers which indicates to me that someone in the modern era wanted those people to be remembered.

The Guide also says: “Sawyer Free Library (Gloucester) has a list of the original proprietors. Wesley Tucker is the treasure of the corporation and has lot owners’ names, but no listings of burials except what can be see on stones.” I did note a Wesley Tucker tombstone from recent years so I am hoping his vault of information hasn’t been lost. Regardless, thanks to Wesley Tucker for his efforts!

Although we did not find the stones we sought, I did run into an old “friend” in the Tyne family plot: Gordon A. Tyne whom I featured in a Memorial Day post you can find here. You will see that in the pictures below. It’s a wonderfully comforting place and I encourage you to stop by.

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