Live Streaming this morning GloucesterCast 389 Sheree Zizik, Jimmy Dalpiaz and Joey Ciaramitaro 8:45AM 3/20/20

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Topics Include:
Sheree Zizik from Beauport speaks to hospitality impacts

City Of Gloucester Coronavirus Information Page click here

CDC Website for most reliable data

Results of HomieCast Spiked Seltzer Taste Tests

BBQing has my savior

Anthony Caturano:

Sefatia and I have decided to use some of the left over funds from Our Gravy vs Sugo lunch fundraiser to make some fresh pasta dinners for @Opendoor. Open door feeds local families in need of help. Thanks to those that donated at the luncheon. If anyone would like to donate further they can do so through the Gloucester Fund.

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