A Drive Around the Cape

If Gloucester/Rockport is your home and you’re missing it or can’t get out, this video is for you.  My boys and I were getting a little stir crazy in the house thanks to no school, no hockey, no anything (aka Covid-19) so we took a long drive around the Cape. We thought we would video tape it for those of you who may be missing home….or who are home, but can’t get out. This is Cape Ann: Part #1. Stage Fort Park to Back Beach, Rockport.

Buckle up because it’s a long ride. I thought about speeding it up, but then you would have missed things.  Either way, it was a nice activity to do with the boys (who took turns filming for you) during these unchartered times.



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6 thoughts on “A Drive Around the Cape

  1. Wonderful video, Nichole. I was blissed out for the last hour. This time of year we hunger for Cape Ann. Love the audio dubs as well. Tell your boys they are really good videographers. This is even better than the aerial video of about 20 years ago. Looking forward to Part 2.


  2. We are so grateful you took the time to make and post this video, thank you!! We so miss the island and can’t wait to return — this was a wonderful way to be there in spirit. All the best to you.


  3. Thank you. Loved this so much. We come to Gloucester a couple time each year, and I’m missing Cape Ann. And praying we’ll get to be there in June. This video was awesome!


  4. I really enjoyed my trip down Memory Lane, even discovering a few places I was not aware of; thank you so much for sharing this video! I was worried you wouldn’t get around to lovely Annisquam, as I could see the sun slowly setting during your filming, and am thrilled that you’ll be doing a Part II next week ending in Essex.
    It was truly a magical place to grow up.


  5. This was fabulous! I’ve come to Long Beach for May and June every year since 1995 and love it there. This will be the first Spring that I can’t come—-because I’m just too afraid of the Covid 19. So I will be staying home, which is 1000 miles away in the Midwest! I enjoyed this video so much. I hope I sent it to my E-mail so that I can watch it again this Summer! Thanks again for doing this!


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