Nia with Linda and Restorative Yoga Update: All Classes postponed at MAC and MAGMA due to Covid-19 Zoom streaming classes coming soon!

Cape Ann Wellness

covid-19-coronavirus-dance-trend-funy_5bjw.1920Well this is a crazy mess isn’t it?  In light of our older, sorry, participants and in light of my immunosuppressed husband coming home tomorrow, I need to postpone classes at both MAC and MAGMA.  But we need to dance and move so…

Luckily I am a techie so I’m working on a way to stream classes via ZOOM.

I’m awaiting a new mic from Amazon to arrive on Wednesday and I’m test driving the Zoom platform. My church just did a service on the same platform and it worked pretty well so we may be in luck.

I’m planning on streaming classes at the same days and times unless you want me to change that.  Let me know.

If you want a reason to continue dancing, check out this site with an article entitled “COVID-19 may be causing fear worldwide, but people are lifting their spirits up through dance”

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