My Seafood Rankings and FYI Local Boats Are Catching Dayboat Scallops. Submit Your Seafood Rankings…

This is my seafood hierarchy-

Alaskan King Crab Legs

Tie- Lobster Roll/Lobster Pie

Pan Seared Scallops

Fried Whiting

Bake Stuffed Topnecks

Tie- Tuna Crudo/Tuna Tar Tar

Bay Of Campeche Shrimp

Baked Haddock

Fried Clams

Fried Calamari with the Banana Peppers

Raw Oysters from any place that respects them and serves them properly


Cooked up some local scallops yesterday. A little EVOO and butter in the the pan, pat the scallops dry and let them come to room temp. Toss them into the preheated skillet flat side down cook them to 145 internal a dash of salt is all you need.
The seafood rankings will be a podcast topic on our next GloucesterCast. Please review my rankings and submit your own.


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