Can I ask a Glosta Rock etiquette question?

Is it ok to keep one if you really really really like it or do you have to re-plant it somewhere?

Found this gem a couple days ago and I’m having a hard time letting it go…

8 thoughts on “Can I ask a Glosta Rock etiquette question?

  1. I don’t know the etiquette, but would it work if you replant it where only you can find it and somewhere nearby?


  2. Just make sure you post a picture of it on the glosta rocks FB page, so the artist sees it was found (and loved!). It’s fine to keep it. Enjoy!


  3. That’s a beauty! You can keep it! Would be nice to post on “GLOSTA ROCKS” Facebook page for all to see! Enjoy!!!


  4. These are kindness rocks, painted and “hidden” to bring joy to others. You have found that joy with this one that you found, and are certainly welcome to keep it. It would be appreciated if you would post it on the Glosta Rocks FaceBook page so the rock’s originator can see that it brought you happiness.


  5. In my opinion, if you really are drawn to keeping it, make sure to post it and paint one to replace it with. Lots of people are keeping them and not posting at all. I personally love when they pop up other places. Some have rehide them in other countries. I hid some recently in Gloucester that were from North Carolina.


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