Eastern Point Light Station Circa 1939

Back to the 1937-38 Gloucester City Directory! You can see here the lighthouse keepers and harbor masters for this time period; you might recognize some of the family names on this page of the directory!

1938 City Directory Lighthouses

I was curious about Carl D. Hill, so I checked the 1940 census for him (available free here). You can see he and his family, along with the assistant Coast Guard Lighthouse keeper Francis Macy and his family. I note with interest that Carl D. Hill was his own enumerator for this entry. This is unusual. That’s a pretty good sized number of people living out there. It is listed as “Federal Property Eastern Point Light Station”.

1940 Lighthouse Keeper census

At this LighthouseAntiques.net website, I found this WONDERFUL picture of the Eastern Point Light Station from about 1939 with the keeper in the picture! I am supposing this teeny tiny figure must be either Carl D. Hill or Francis Macy.  What a great find! I thought you might enjoy this little stroll back to the late 1930s with me.

Eastern Point Light Station 1939 w keeper

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