Essex Greenbelt Peeping Toms on Osprey Pair at Lobsta Land!!

Future Mom and Dad Osprey just arrived at the Greenbelt Osprey perch behind Lobsta Land. No need to annoy them in person because Greenbelt has a live cam on them.

Osprey just arrived for the opening of Lobsta Land waiting on their order of Lobster Quesadilla

Here is the link:

Checking it out since they have arrived, Rubber Duck quick tips:

• Scroll to window that is black and click “Live”. If the water is rippling in the background you are looking at live.
• Pin the menu bar (bottom left).
• Go to full screen.
• Do this on an unused laptop and set up in living room so you have a live shot 24/7.
• Live Feeds can take a minute to load. Fastest way to live is click on the film strip, watch a video clip of this morning, then click live. Boom.

Why would you do this? Because first comes love, then comes marriage, and then live sex show and baby osprey!

The camera is 2019 awesome. Way better than Joey’s house finch cam. If the live shot is the empty nest just click on the piece of film in the lower menu and check out what these love birds were doing this morning, or yesterday. But be sure to click back to live since this pair is only gone for a few minutes while they put nice fluffy stuff in the nest.

[edit] While you are there you can click on DONATE. you just paid your taxes yesterday and did you feel grinchy because your tax donations for charity were so measly? Start your tax year off right and do it now.  They will build more osprey nests and we’ll end up with 24/7 free sex shows. Donate to Sexy Osprey click here. Volunteering or becoming a mamber is cool too.

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