GloucesterCast 333 Chris McCarthy, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/28/19

GloucesterCast 333 Chris McCarthy, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/28/19


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Topics Include:

Mexico- Two weddings explained

Studio open

Lat 43 is now Minglewood Harborside- Try The Roasted Cauliflower 

Mom’s Kitchen Coffee Rolls Are Must Try

Male Pattern Baldness

Dead house finch

Hummingbird feeder

Plover Update

Great turn out for The Gloucester Clean up on Saturday

Even though the weather was not great early in the morning, there were great numbers of wonderful volunteers cleaning up.  I would like to thank Joe from the DPW who was downtown, he was wonderful and really helped us out.  Thank you the volunteers and to One Ocean One Love for the great cookout.

One Ocean One Love location

47 Parker R Street

Gloucester, MA  01930


Essex Public Library is hosting two special events in the next two weeks

The Essex Public Library is hosting two special events in the next two weeks. I just wanted to pass the info along in case you would like to highlight them!?

Thanks for considering it!


· Annual PIE FEST Fundraiser, Wednesday, May 1st, 1-5pm. Don’t miss this favorite yearly tradition! Buy a slice of pie and help to support future Library programming!

· Aromatherapy Workshop, Thursday, May 9, 7-8:30pm. Join us and special guest Kim Larkin for a restorative and informative evening! Learn about the history of oils and healing botanicals and create your very own flax hot/cold pouch and a travel size cooling spray and lotion. Tea and music will set the mood so you can relax and focus in this unique workshop! Please RSVP to


April Wanner

Assistant Librarian

TOHP Burnham Library

30 Martin St.

Essex, MA


The application deadline for the Cape Ann Community Foundation 2019 grants is fast approaching. This year the foundation will be awarding $15,000 to Cape Ann nonprofits and education initiatives. Don’t miss the deadline!

In 2017 the Cape Ann Community Foundation awarded $3,500 to the Cape Ann Farmers Market to support Fresh Food Access for all and to support local business. The Cape Ann Farmers Market will be opening soon for another season, continuing to make a big difference in our community.

Go to today an order a plate and show your love for our community everyday!


The WOMEN’S COMMUNITY CLUB of MAGNOLIA presents:  “Mari Martin and the Lucky Boys” Tuesday, May 14th 7 p.m. Magnolia Library Center corner of Lexington & Norman Ave. MagnoliaThis exciting evening of entertainment is open to the public.  All proceeds will be used to support causes to benefit the community.  Tickets for non-members $10.  To reserve tickets and/or a table of 8 -10 please contact Sheila Hanrahan at 978-360-8323.  Tickets will also be sold at the door. Refreshments including wine, desserts, and snacks will be served.  Chinese auction items will be available to take chances on, as well as a door prize.

Into The Sardinian Countryside

From our dock in Oristano we traveled by bus into the ruggedly beautiful mountains of central Sardinia.Here we explored one of the many ancient stone towers sprinkled throughout the countryside.These nuraghi  were built between 1900 BC  and 700BC and most likely served as fortresses and storehouses for grain and produce.






In Orgosolo, the walls of the homes and stores display beautiful murals of political , historical and cultural significance.


In Mamoiada, we learned how the Mamuthones folk culture celebrates its agricultural and sheep herding traditions with singing, dancing in heavy fur lined costumes adorned with bells and masks.




Society for the Encouragement of the Arts latest eblast

Hi, Joey. This is seARTS (Society for the Encouragement of the Arts). May we ask you to post a link to our latest eblast, which is all about the events we have partnered with for ArtWeek? The link is below. Thanks so much.


Clare Higgins