Art installation underway! From Manchester by the Sea to TOHP Burnham Essex

Once Upon a Contest on the move! From Manchester Public Library at Manchester Historic Museum, Manchester-by-the-Sea to TOHP Burnham Library Essex Town Hall

The exhibition will be on view in Essex from May 4 – June 21. The Public reception is May 18th. Multiple special events are planned. Read the press release here.

“The Cape Ann Reads travelling Art Exhibition is an opportunity for all to see the incredible original works by the authors and illustrators who were recognized through Cape Ann Reads. This literary contest was a feast to the eyes and the winner A Tree in Dock Square, should wear the honor proudly,”  Deborah French, Director of TOHP Burnham Library

Installing art shows is always exciting!

Essex floats- photo  depicts Alexia Parker on ladder at TOHP Burnham Essex for installation. Parker is the invited public artist for the Essex venue. “Home Town” is  an original series of  six  paper collage works depicting significant buildings around the town of Essex in honor of their bicentennial. Parker relished the challenge to use her paper collage technique in a larger scale than she’s ever done previously. She enjoys the work of executing various textures using only paper and glue. 



Blusey Country Swing Music Routine! Nia classes on Cape Ann in May

Cape Ann Wellness

nia blues country swing title graphic
Blusey Country Swing Routine

Come experience the fun of moving to the down home beat of country blues music 

We’ll dance to music from three young, contemporary groups:  The Bumper Jacksons, The Quebe Sisters and Hot Club of Cow Town.  Gritty and fun with songs like, I’ve Got My Whiskey-I Don’t Need You and Give Me a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer.  This isn’t your parents country blues music! Check out videos below.

Not sure what Nia is all about? Here is a video from founder, Debbie Rosas on Nia.
Nia cardio-dance workouts combine 52 simple moves with dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts to get you fit in 60 minutes – body, mind, emotion, and spirit.
Nia is non-impact, practiced barefoot, and adaptable to individual needs and abilities. Nia classes are taught by licensed Nia teachers.

linda31Want to try Nia?

Rose Baker…

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Great Job Opportunities on Adventure

Gloucester_Schooner_Festival_Sept._4_2016_ GeorgeBekris--1637 (2)

Gloucester’s flagship schooner Adventure is currently looking for enthusiastic, energetic candidates to join our crew. This season we will conduct educational and public daysails in Gloucester and travel to nearby ports such as Boston, Portland and Provincetown. Ability to work with the public is a must. We have openings for deckhands, officers and a cook. All crew must be at least 18 years of age and are subject to USCG drug screening. Seasonal employment starting immediately and running through mid-October. Resumes and inquiries accepted at

_DSC1326 copy l (2)

Boat Prep (Flipping boats)Tuesday night April 30th at 6 PM

Boat Prep (Flipping boats)
We need to flip the boats so we can paint the rails and Linseed the insides.  Due to mother nature and all the rain we are looking to flip the boats and paint the rails Tuesday night April 30th at 6 PM.  The more people the better so come one come all to help flip the boats.  The faster we do this the faster we get the boats in the water.    

Tuesday night April 30th at 6 PM

Upon your arrival text Bill Edmonds (978) 675-6007 so he can open the gate for you.  We will have paint and rollers.  We have four boats to paint the rails.  The more people we have the better so come all members.  Thank you in advance for your help. 

IDRC Board

Baby Seal. Not for the Squeamish.

I apologize for the graphic nature of these photos, so if you are viewing on Facebook do not click on the link if you do not wish to see more.

My salty boys were off on a bike ride and one of their weekly explorations of the harbor in Rockport when they happened across this sad sight.  While nothing about this dead baby seal makes me happy, the story itself makes me glad once again that we live where we live.

After a morning of volunteering, presenting the color guard, and walking in Gloucester’s Pride Stride with his US Navy Sea Cadet Division for Thatch and a lacrosse double-header (with two nice wins) for Finn….the boys asked to ride downtown to explore for a bit (aka…get an ice cream).

Again, I’m sad that they happened across this seal, but I can’t help but like how they handled it.  Thatch, who at least in one little way takes after me, was sure to capture many photos….not just of the seal, but also a quick video to demonstrate exactly where it was found.  Next, after discussing what may have happened to it, they FaceTimed me to show me where they were, show me the seal, and ask permission to report it.   After we talked, they rode to T-Wharf, found Rosemary and Scott, Rockport’s Harbormasters, who were conveniently pulling into the dock at the time, and told them about the baby seal.

Later on they sat and looked at the photos once again trying to decide what could have gone wrong.


Maritime Gloucester Spring Lecture Series continues with Molly Lutcavage THIS Thursday

Cape Ann Community

ANOTHER amazing woman will share her tale May 2nd at 7pm

Thrilled to have our upstairs neighbor Molly Lutcavage as our featured speaker at the latest edition of our Spring lecture series.

Come hear Molly tell “What a trip! Life history of Atlantic bluefin tuna: energy, reproduction and migration”

Molly is the Director of Large Pelagics Research Center, which is working closely with fishermen and, using state-of-the-art technologies, conducting biological and ecological research on pelagic species including tunas, sharks, billfish, and sea turtles.

This Thursday May 2nd at 7pm, 23 Harbor Loop Gloucester This talk is suitable for all but spaces are limited. Register here…

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