Seacoast News May 2019

Thanks to the Friends of Seacoast the residents of Seacoast have enjoyed many special events including weekly Musical Entertainment, a Red Sox Home Opener Celebration with Fenway’s favorite foods and a Men’s outing to Bunratty’s Irish Tavern and a couples outing to theWindward Grille.

The Friends of Seacoast enhance the residents’ lives at the Seacoast Nursing and Rehabilitation Center with hours of enjoyment by providing the finances needed for the special entertainment, supplies and community outings. Any and all donations to The Friends of Seacoast are gratefully accepted.

We are looking forward to many upcoming events with the support of the Friends of Seacoast including a lunch outing at the Wenham Tea House, weekly concerts and a visit by Mass Audubon’s Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Friends of Seacoast meet 10 times a year on the second Tuesday of the month.

The next Friends of Seacoast meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 14th 2019 at 5:00 PM at The Seacoast Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. The Meeting will take place in the Cape Ann Sitting Room located on the 2nd floor. New Members Welcome!

Seacoast Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Nursing Home Week 2019

Calendar of Special Events:

Sunday, May 12 Mothers Day Tea Main Lobby 2:00 PM

Monday, May 13 2:00 Birds of Prey by Mass Audubon’s Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary

Tuesday, May 14 Tales of Gloucester by Ron Gilson Main Dining Room 2:00 PM

Wednesday, May 15 Ice Cream Sundea Buffet

Thursday, May 16 Bingo for Silver and Gold Main Dining Room

Friday, May 17 2:00 Musical Entertainment by Sgt. Dan Clark

Saturday, May 18 Bingo for Silver and Gold Main Dining Room 2:00 PM

Families are welcome to join loved ones for any of our activities.

English is about to become less complicated

English is about to become less complicated

There’s a new complainer on the North Shore — well, a new channel for complaining, anyway, compliments of an old complainer.

It’s “English Is A Complicated Language,” a new daily blog ( recently launched by Ipswich resident Doug Brendel.

It’s funny, it’s free, and it’s fractious.

Brendel is perhaps best known as “The Outsidah,” author of occasional humorous commentary on life in small-town New England, at (His remarks are typically also carried at and in the Ipswich Chronicle.)

“Think of this as a new free service to the public,” Brendel says. “People communicate in English all the time, but they often accidentally say what they don’t mean.”

One example from the blog: “Hernandez was discovered hanged in his cell by corrections officers at the Center.”

Brendel solemnly shakes his head.

“Those corrections officers ought to be ashamed,” he groans.

Clearly the writer of this grim tidbit meant to say something different: Hernandez was discovered by the officers, not hanged by them.

But in the article Brendel cites, it’s the officers who get nailed.

“Why? Because English is a complicated language!” Brendel chuckles.

“This blog is good for a few laughs — but I think it will also help people write more clearly,” he adds.

The blog also addresses punctuation, grammar, syntax, and other communication issues — but always in fun, and always in plain English. (“What does syntax even mean?” Brendel moans.)

Brendel comes honestly by this kind of complaining. He has spent his entire professional life as a writer, editor, and “copy chief” — which is to say, an overseer of other writers’ writing.

“Every day of my life, I’m correcting stuff like ‘eating foie gras on a bed of lobster eggs,’” he says. “Who sleeps on a bed of lobster eggs? And let’s be honest: Even if you slept on a bed of lobster eggs, wouldn’t you be more comfortable going to the kitchen to eat your foie gras?”

Complaining comes naturally to Brendel. “I have, let’s call it, a prosecutorial personality,” he confesses. “But a few weeks ago, I decided to turn over a new leaf: As a gift to my wife, who has suffered me for more than 30 years, I vowed to stop complaining. Of course, all that negative energy had to go somewhere. And I had groused for years about people’s bad writing. So this new blog just sort of emerged. It’s been good therapy for me.”

And maybe for others. Response has been strong. already has hundreds of followers.

“Well, more than 200 followers,” Brendel offers, as a tweak. “‘Hundreds’ may be technically correct — and I don’t mean to complain — but let’s not say something that might be misunderstood.”

IronVillage S&C are running a womens self-defense class on Saturday May 18th

Hi Joey,

Hope all is well, and congrats on the wedding(s)! Hey just wanted to send over a note that we (IronVillage S&C) are running a womens self-defense class on Saturday May 18th from 11am-1pm at the gym in Beverly, and it’s open to the public so non-members are welcome to attend. The registration link is below, if you want to post on GMG please feel free to do so, and thank you.


This Sunday: Jazz Brunch Featuring Harry Wagg at Feather & Wedge


Stop in at Feather & Wedge this weekend for brunch with music by Ipswich-based guitarist Harry Wagg. Harry will be performing a variety of traditional jazz, contemporary classics and original tunes, all arranged for solo guitar.

Reservations highly suggested! 978.999.5917

Sunday, April 28, 2019
10:30 – 2:30 PM

Feather & Wedge, 5 Main Street, Rockport, MA 01966

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Celebrating Arbor Day

Cape Ann Wellness

Celebrate National Arbor Day Last Friday of April – Plant a tree or take a walk in the woods today and enjoy connecting with nature. Dogtown and Ravenswood in Gloucester and Coolidge Reservation in Manchester-by-the-sea are favorite places to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing walk in the woods. The Arnold Arboretum in Boston is another great place. For more strenuous hiking, head to the Green and White Mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire or Acadia National Park in Maine. #NationalArborDay 

“I think that I shall never see, a poem lovely as a tree.” — Joyce Kilmer

The History of Arbor Day and the Morton Family.

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