Thank you to Val Gilman for sharing this on facebook.

Highlights of City Council 2/26/19 votes on Amendments on GCO Chapter 4 “Animals”.

Dogs shall be prohibited from Good Harbor Beach from 4/1 -9/30. Off leash remains on even days of month during season.

Dogs prohibited from Wingarsheek from 5/1 – 9/30 (no amendments to this) Off leash remains on odd days during season.

Sunset clause unless renewed or made permanent by the CC and signed by the Mayor, the provisions of this section shall expire on 12/31/19

Fines of $300 per violation will be double in season for beaches and other off leash areas as determined

Feeding or disturbing wildlife violation shall be subject to a $300 fine per incident/violation

Feeding coyotes directly or indirectly on any public or private property violations shall be subject a $300 fine per incident/violation

Endangered/threatened wildlife buffer zone- buffer zone of 50 feet around an area will be established around an area designated for wildlife. Prohibited activities in the buffer zone include whiffle ball, frisbee, soccer, volleyball, paddle ball, kites, inflatable balls, and any other activities that involve objects that can fly or roll into the restricted area. Violation shall be subject to a $300 fine per incident/violation.

No person shall throw, drop, release or otherwise dispose of directly or indirectly into any Harbor, River, or pond or on any beach or any public property garbage, refuse, rubbish, bottles, cans, containers, paper, cigarette butts, balloons, wrapping material, glass, filth or any noxious or dangerous liquid or solid. Violation shall be subject to a $300 fine per incident/violation.

This ordinance becomes effective 31 days from passage.

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