4th go at this Turkey

Episode 86-Recorded for the first time at Peticia’s House in Amesbury! We catch up with Alicia, BSide and T-Man!


Did ya miss us?!

We couldn’t have a Thanksgiving pass us without having a Thanksgiving Episode! That’s like not watching ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ or NO POTATOES at T-Day Dinner!

We briefly talk about our hiatus (which we are still on-ish?). RIP to the Legend Stan Lee, Plastic Bag Ban in Full Effect for Gloucester in 2019 (Alicia and B have already been on that information tip for a minute)

Shout out Destino’s for updating their “To Go” Salad boxes to recyclable containers! We catch up with Tyler, he’s not so little anymore-a HIGH SCHOOLER now! A&B go on day trip with John Jerome and Future guest Carrie. Where’s our theme song John? Also shout out to John for that opener for this episode 😉

BSide talks about her new side hustles with the Rowley Cornhole Sliders, go see them or play every Tuesday (weather permitted) at RiverWalk Brewing Co. in Newburyport. Did you catch her on First, Worst, Last?

Happy Birthday this past weekend Peter!

Thank you listeners for supporting us and enjoying us on Facebook, it warms B’s heart.

See you soon!

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