We’ve got a lot to talk about

4 thoughts on “We’ve got a lot to talk about

  1. Now this is a great post and how to get the best library from all shareholders and brings ownership to all as well their library. I see this area as vital for the community also and it has already been addressed proactively prior but here is a chance for feedback and new ideas once again everything is fluid and evolving each year.

    “Area: THE SAFETY OF STAFF and patrons is a top priority for all libraries, with managers striving to maintain a welcoming and secure environment for all who wish to make use of the space. Library systems nationwide enact security policies tailored to their respective communities and resources. Although these vary from library to library, librarians must strike a balance between offering a broad open door policy for all community members and ensuring a safe, secure environment for staff and patrons.”

    Thanks Donna for this post call for inputs! 🙂 Dave & Kim


      1. My uncles favorite spot to take all us kids then when watching us while mom was taking care of items in town. He lived down off Main not far from Police station If I recall correctly as long ago – then he moved over on the hill road close to Gloucester High School. He was quite a character too extremely avid reader, feel from a ladder at painting trimming at 89 or 90 (Uncle Jack) Dave


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