I saw a total of 8 Trick or Treaters. Is Halloween officially dead?

Got out of work at 6:45PM and had it in my head to make sure I drive extra slow on the way home because it was Halloween night and I figured that would be prime time for kids to be out and about.


I saw three kids in one pack on Haskell and not another group all the way to my sister Felicia’s house where we had dinner.  While at Felicia’s only one group came by, a group of four one of which was Erin McKay’s daughter and then Buzzy Boo came home dressed up like a skeleton.

Uhmmmmmm, does anyone else remember what it was like when we were middle schoolers in the early eighties?

It was egg fights on the Golf Course and you’d get cans or shaving cream and put needles in the nozzle and then melt it down so the shaving cream would squirt out 7-8 feet or so.  Toilet paper in the trees?  We’d come home COVERED in shaving cream and eggs.


Those were good times.

The streets were packed with kids.  I’m not sure how it is around the rest of the city but  our neighborhood in East Gloucester was a dead zone.  Get to CVS today because I’m sure there’s a buttload of candy left over that they’ll be selling for next to nothing.



11 thoughts on “I saw a total of 8 Trick or Treaters. Is Halloween officially dead?

  1. Happy Day After Halloween, Joe.

    I can confirm there were packs of scary trick-or-treaters (OK, maybe not so scary) out and about. East Gloucester Square was a hotspot – on Highland Ave. and in the streets around there. People had their lights on, there were a bunch of kids running around, and some people were even sitting outside their houses to give out candy because it was such a warm night. Rocky Neck was also jumping – lots of groups of kids and people with their lights on giving out candy.

    My favorite was when my daughter Ruby and her friend Schuyler visited a certain GMG contributor’s house. After filling their little bags with Twix bars and M&Ms for most of the evening, Ruby and Schuyler came up to this front porch and were treated to warm cider and strawberries freshly dipped in chocolate. Because Kim Smith!

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  2. Main St was packed with kids! We had a nonstop streaming of them from 4-7:30! Maybe it’s the convenience of getting it all don’t in one stretch? I also didn’t see any shaving cream or kids covered in it. The older kids that came by were dressed in costumes, which I thought was adorable!


    1. We missed out on Main Street (because I’m not very smart and forgot) and totally need to do that next year. The kids we talked to who went trick or treating down there had a blast.


  3. Here in upstate NY, same thing. there weren’t many kids, and they were GONE by 7pm. I’m lucky I grew up in a different time. (I’m just a few years older than you, Joey)


  4. Things have changed large gatherings back in my days child too. Early to mid 60’s go from Lanesville to Bayview south and north to Foley Cove. And if really brave go to those out of the way woods houses or the last house on the lane type…Can remember even what some of them gave out even the grocery stores had three then had a basket toward the front door 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


  5. We grew up in the sixties, seventies, eighties, a special time that exists no more. Yes, toilet paper, shaving cream, eggs, in my hometown of Marblehead. Halloween was a time of fun and shenanigans were the name of the game. It was a safer time, and we were lucky to have lived “back in the day”.


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