My buddy Adam had to move from downtown Gloucester to Annisquam. This is how he felt about it.


Adam is really smart and his writing is funny and thoughtful. For 10 years, he and his wife Mysha lived near us in downtown Gloucester. We’d walk to his house for dinner sometimes and pass his place on walks down for coffee at Lone Gull or cookies at Caffe Sicilia. That all changed when he and Mysha moved to Annisquam. It’s a way different experience over there. Here’s what Adam had to say about the move. It’s a great read.  

A Shout from Annisquam

This winter, after ten years of renting apartments in the shadow of City Hall, my wife and I moved to another Gloucester outpost, Annisquam, a few scant miles away. When we told our downtown friends the news of our impending move, they responded in ways typically reserved for a cancer diagnosis.

“My God,” one friend said.  “Annisquam.  Isn’t there anything they can do?”

As the move drew near, our friends’ initial sympathy curdled into mild reproach.  This shift in tone opened the door to their gripes about the 3-mile overland journey between downtown and the Annisquam hinterlands.

“Can we find food along the way,” asked one friend.  “Or should we plan to eat the weakest member of our party?”

Read Adam’s really well-written post on The Gloucester Clam here.

3 thoughts on “My buddy Adam had to move from downtown Gloucester to Annisquam. This is how he felt about it.

  1. Thank You John have a copy of the article and will read it later at the apartment here better focus then! I wanted to also tell how impressed I was with your heartfelt article you wrote about in the Gloucester Daily times (Letter: Remembering Barbara Wilson – Gloucester Daily Times)! Very nice The island at it’s best! Thank You! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    The view from shoreline that way and flags along the Blvd!! 🙂 & 🙂

    Producer, Arranged By — Jack Faith
    Written-By — War
    MFSB – Smile Happy (1975)


  2. Thanks, Dave. I’ve been lucky to get to know Barbara and Dick a little. They’ve been giving back to Gloucester for many, many years.


  3. Most welcome keep up the great work too community!! Having served in the military and even this way…too many moves the place in now is longest been in one spot since 2007, 10 years now this year June. 🙂 Dave


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