Neptune smiled down on 40th Anniversary Clean Harbor Swim

Calm and warm water for the 40th Anniversary Celebrate the Clean Harbor Swim. Short video of the start and finish and a few snapshots from Day 1. Relays tomorrow!

Sarah Fraser Robbins (R) with Barbara Blais (L)

Sarah Robbins Evans on the right with Barbara Blais watching 40th Anniversary Celebrate Clean Harbor Swim_Evans co founder both swam it many years _20180811_©c ryan Gloucester Mass

Sarah Robbins Evans cheers and celebrates milestone she helped push through 40 years ago. Before it was celebrate the clean harbor it was…clean it. Read more about its beginnings:

Rio Waters can get better! Thanks to Dogged Naturalists We Can Put Our heads Under Water in Gloucester Aug 4, 2016

Sarah Fraser Robbins excerpt, August 10, 2016, and her seaweed recipe included here- see the sea of seaweed and mosses on Long Beach post storm Sept 2016

Gloucester Clean Harbor- H2O no nos are a thing of the past  August 12, 2016

and Conservation Inspiration: Roger Babson, Sarah Fraser Robbins, Sarah Evans, Philip Weld Jr August 15, 2016

Scenes from today

Video 2018 Niles Beach Gloucester MA Celebrate Clean Harbor Swim START roughly 9:30am


FINISH roughly 9:48am




4 thoughts on “Neptune smiled down on 40th Anniversary Clean Harbor Swim

  1. The first place finisher didn’t even wear a wet suit. Wow. The suits add so much to speed. I can’t imagine what his time would have been if he’d worn one.

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  2. It’s amazing the the winner didn’t use a wet suit. They help so much with speed. Congrats to him. Imagine one his time would have been had he worn one!

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  3. Thanks for comments scott5535. I did not know that- no sink for this batch. Such an inspiring event and thrilled to watch


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