Sal Grasso Memorial Tournament

The Sal Grasso Memorial Friendship Tournament is a big deal with Cape Ann Youth Hockey Nation….and this is the 25th annual.  Since 1987 Cape Ann Youth Hockey teams have been playing in this tournament against Westmount teams from Quebec, Canada. The tournament alternates home ice. Last November the maroon and white caravanned to Montreal and enjoyed three days of hockey in Canada. This year, the Westmount teams are obviously coming to us.

While sportsmanship, friendship, and teamwork are at the heart of it all, I’d be remiss to not mention that Cape Ann is hoping to secure their name on the trophy for the third consecutive year.  The Westmount teams, unbelievably, took the trophy for the tournament’s first 14 years in a row!  Since then, Cape Ann has won seven and Westmount has won four. Dare I say we seem to be on a slight winning streak and it would be nice to keep the trophy here on Cape Ann.

The Cape Ann/Westmount Friendship Tournament was started back in 1987 by Sal Grasso of Gloucester and Mike Deegan and Peter Wallace of Westmount when Sal paid for a bus out of his own pocket and took a crew of Gloucester kids 6 hours north to play some hockey.  The trek was a huge success as most players billeted with host families and formed bonds that continue to this day. When Sal passed in 2006 the Tournament was aptly re-named the Sal Grasso Memorial Tournament.

So, if you have some downtime this weekend and like some good hockey…head to Talbot rink and cheer on Cape Ann…and Westmount.  Games will be happening nonstop from 4:30 on Friday afternoon until Sunday at 2:00.



One thought on “Sal Grasso Memorial Tournament

  1. This is great news and best wishes for the continued move ahead! Come a long ways in this area from the ponds of the past!! Dave


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