Cross fit Cape Ann- The Aftermath…

Last Monday Chris DeWolfe challenged the boys at the HomieCast taping to show up for a Saturday Morning Community  Cross Fit class.  James Eves and I took the challenge and Craig Kimberley was there to bust our balls encourage us while taping the whole thing.

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Here’s your update:

Update. It’s tough. For those that can’t appreciate that to make gains in health, stamina, weight loss and confidence you need to exert lots of energy and push themselves, then this isn’t for those people. The positive energy in that room was unbelievable. Am I sore this morning? You betcha. Love it. People in there were fit. There was so many different levels of positive experience to share about it I’m not sure where to begin. But when you’re working in a team with a goal and everyone there is encouraging you every step of the way it’s pretty fucking awesome. So if people want to go to the gym and lollygag around, this isn’t the place for them.  But if they want to see real results in an unbelievably positive group environment it’s hard to beat.

I’ve worked out for good stretches for most of my life.  I consider myself pretty well versed in what you need to do to get in shape.  Having said that I’d bet that most people that train their bodies conventionally like I’ve done forever miss a good part of their body parts because they do specific exercises aimed at specific body parts.  With cross fit, you’re doing movements that require energy to be expended using multiple body parts at the same time and that is a really efficient use of your training time and a way to burn a shit-ton of calories.

I’m sore.  Yep.   A good sore and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks Chris for suggesting it and Jon Conant at Cross Fit Cape Ann for hosting us.

Big props to the only other HomieCast member to show up- James Eves who powered his way through right to the very end!

Check out Cross Fit Cape Ann Online for more info-




Week of 2/27 – 3/5


Jeff Cheering Good Morning Gloucester’s own Joey C. through the final 250M interval of a 6000M team effort on Saturday. Thanks to all who came out to make Saturday so fun and high energy.

Craig Kimberley photos-

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