Pure Pastry is Pure Perfection

Last week a co-worker arrived in the office with an amazing assortment of gorgeous treats from Pure Pastry in Beverly to share with the faculty and staff.

While delicious almost doesn’t do them justice, let’s back up a bit for a second to the presentation. I’m all about packaging….all about nice little touches…all about made with care. Kim Gregory goes over the top, in a very sustainable, green, and organic way, to make receiving her pastries feel like opening a gift.  And, a gift they are!  While almost impossible to choose….the two selections that I made were to die for. Truly, perfectly, delicious.

I look forward to finding a reason to order…or maybe even ordering for no real reason at all.

Here’s a bit about what Pure Pastry Stands for…


We are a unique wholesale and retail kitchen that is naturally organic, locally sourced and home grown. From our warm kitchen, we offer exquisite pastry that can cater to many special dietary needs. We are a small business purely dedicated to the integrity of our clients, to the pastry we make, and the foot print we leave on this earth. Through our beautiful handcrafted confections, let us help you enjoy the simple act of eating sweets together.

Pure Pastry celebrates our pure love for the bounty in the current seasonal treasures.Our Current Confections Menu brings together the mouthwatering flavors of season fruits and vegetables into a wonderful marriage in our naturally organic pastries.

There is much to be learned about Pure Pastry.  Please visit their website to read their story and learn about their ingredients, their current confections, their team, their “Forever Menu”, their “Tiny Sweet Market” that is open on Fridays and Saturdays, and much, much more.

LEARN MORE AT THEIR WEBSITE HERE:  Kim Gregory and Pure Pastry



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