Bouchard fundraiser for Children’s Hospital

Griffin Rick Middleton

My son Griffin started a fundraising campaign three years ago to benefit Boston Children’s Hospital as a way to give back for the exceptional care he received there during two successful surgeries. What began as a school project has grown into a personal mission to increase his fundraising goal each year for this worthy charity. He raised $1,700.00 in 2014, $6,000 in 2015 and is hoping to raise $10,000 in 2016/17. For the past two years he has partnered with the Boston Bruins Foundation and the Corey C. Griffin NHL Pro-Am Alumni Tournament, specifically to benefit the Boston Children’s Hospital Pediatric Head Trauma Unit for concussion prevention and detection research.

Please consider donating via the following link: registrant/FundraisingPage. aspx?registrationID=3642396& langPref=en-CA&Referrer=http% &panel1-1

In addition to web donations, Griffin will be hosting his third annual charity holiday skate on December 21st from 6pm until 7:30 pm at Pingree Rink in Hamilton, MA.  Rick Middleton will once again be his guest of honor. There will be food and raffle prizes, including a signed Bruins jersey and hockey stick autographed by the whole team. 

Some more information about Griffin’s fundraising activities can be found at the following links to WickedLocal and USA Hockey magazine

http://boxford.wickedlocal. com/article/20150108/SPORTS/ 150107253

http://touchpointmedia. 2015/15

Boston Children’s Hospital is ranked #1 on U.S. News and World Report’s Best Children’s Hospitals honor roll. More than offering great care, the hospital is known for its commitment to the Boston community—serving as the largest provider of health care to low-income children in our state. The hospital is also home to the world’s largest research center at a pediatric hospital, making discoveries that benefit both children and adults. Just one area of research we’re leading: concussions and injury prevention. Children’s Sports Concussion Clinic is a national leader in understanding and treating pediatric concussions, with a multidisciplinary research team and a clinical setting that receives more than 350 patient visits each month. Philanthropic support will advance critical research into this skyrocketing problem.


Andre Bouchard


mute-swan-mr-swan-niles-pond-gloucester-ma-copyright-kim-smithGlorious swan’s wings! In these photos you can see Mr. Swan’s magnificent new set of feathers.

Mr. Swan has resumed his habit of traveling from body of water to body of water within his territory. Why does he not travel during the summer months, primarily dwelling at Niles Pond? Swans molt each summer and during the molting period, they cannot fly.

Mute Swans molt when their cygnets cannot fly. The female (pen) begins to molt almost immediately after the young hatch. The male, or cob, waits until the female’s flight feathers have grown back completely. The reason for this staggered molting period is because swans use their wings in battle and to defend their young. The swan family will never be left defenseless with at least one of the pair’s set of wings fully functional. The molting period lasts anywhere from four to seven weeks.

mute-swan-stretching-wings-niles-pond-gloucester-ma-copyright-kim-smithGood morning Gloucester! Mr. Swan’s big morning stretch before he sets off to patrol his territory


Video by Lisa Smith

Performing at Gloucester Stage December 9, 10 & 11, 2016
Conceived and directed by Youth Acting Workshop’s program director, Heidi J. Dallin, this festive evening of stories, songs, and dance recounts the special traditions that other cultures and families experience as seen through one young girl’s magical journey on Christmas Eve. During her Christmas Eve journey the young girl learns about the special traditions of other families and comes to realize the importance of her own family traditions. This family holiday event marks the fifth time in Gloucester Stage history that a production has featured an entire cast of student actors from the Youth Program. First produced in 2007, Holiday Delights has proven to be an audience favorite, and has provided a nurturing and creative environment in the areas of stage performance, stagecraft and arts administration for YAW students.


During Sunday’s podcast we met Kristen and Dylan of Pigeon Cover Ferments. Their sauerkrauts are out of this world delish. Don’t be turned off when we write sauerkraut; theirs is certainly not your run of the mill grocery store sauerkraut. Pigeon Cove Ferments sauerkrauts are simply fermented cabbage made with a variety of seasonings, hand made and in small batches  As theirs is not prepared with preservatives, Pigeon Cove Ferments sauerkraut is wonderfully flavorful and is also vitamin C and probiotic-rich.

It is so exciting to see the growing food industry emerging in Gloucester. When purchasing Pigeon Cove Ferments products you are also supporting other local businesses because Dylan and Kristen source all their vegetables from local farms, including Aprilla Farm, Seaview Farm, and Cedar Rock Gardens–hundreds and hundreds of pounds of cabbage for example. Their salt comes from Atlantic Saltworks, which is based out of Gloucester and produces salt from the Atlantic Ocean.

I have to take a second round of doxycycline for tick bite related illnesses; adding probiotics to my diet couldn’t have come at a more timely moment. Immediately after sampling at the podcast, I purchased several jars at Common Crow. The sales person could not have been more complimentary of Pigeon Cove Ferments products. Today I made a grilled cheese with the caraway and pepper flavored sauerkraut. The crunchy kraut contrasted beautifully with the creamy warm cheese. I think I feel better already!

To learn more about Kristen and Dylan listen to our podcast and visit their website here Pigeon Cover Ferments.

Motif Monday: The quotable Christmas Mrs. Miniver

Inspired by Joey’s and Kim Smith’s countdowns and Greg Bover’s posts, I was thinking about a GMG countdown of favorite quotable Christmas and holiday excerpts, with an extra bonus for passages with Gloucester ties. Please add or send quotes, passages, and poems that we can delight in and share.

I’ll start with a description of jubilant awakening — children bursting through doors early Christmas morning — from a 1939 book by Jan Struther, Mrs. Miniver, which for me is also a sweet reminder about my folks as they followed a similar “stocking first-presents after” routine and were beloved.

A little background: Struther’s book stemmed from her popular fiction column begun in 1937 and published every two weeks in The Times. Following the book’s smash reception, the classic William Wyler movie, Mrs. Miniver, starring Greer Garson was released in 1942. The movie is based on the book but its own story. The movie was nominated for 12 Oscars and garnered 6 including best picture. The music is by Herbert Stothart who won an Oscar for his work on the Wizard of Oz.

Mrs. Miniver on embracing positive enthusiasm:

“It began in the same way every year: the handle of her bedroom door being turned just loudly enough to wake her up, but softly enough not to count as waking her up on purpose; (her child) Toby glimmering like a moth in the dark doorway, clutching a nobbly Christmas stocking in one hand and holding up his pyjama trousers with the other. (He insisted upon pyjamas, but he had not yet outgrown his sleeping-suit figure.)

‘Toby! It’s only just after six. I did say not till seven.’ ‘But, Mummy, I can’t tell the time.’ He was barefoot and shivering, and his eyes were like stars.

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Some Holiday cheer sure to impress!

I love finding fun things to bring and share during the holidays and so I’m sharing my latest find.  Prosecco Jello Shots.  These were a hit at Sista Felicia’s annual Boxwood Tree party last night!


Here is the link to the recipe which is easier than it sounds.   I found that 1 recipe makes about 25-30 2 oz flutes.   I purchased the plastic flutes at Party City and served them with some long small plastic spoons.   (See pics below)


One of the bonuses of having the boys out until 10:00 pm on a school night to see a holiday jazz concert was stepping outside of the theater, rounding the corner, and being graced with this magnificent sight.

I can’t lie, having been out of the theater for all of 30 seconds, my mind was already beginning to race with all that I had to get done until well past midnight, but this…this…put me at peace.


So Rick Doucette Turned Me On To This App On the GloucesterCast “BevRAGE” – Unless you hate money

So if you go out and have a beer or buy any booze, you literally snap a picture of the receipt and they put money into your account.   Real spendable money.  Like I already got $2.  Just Stupid!

Get cash back with the bevRAGE app when you buy beer, wine and liquor.

I’m all in.  If I’m going to Stones or the Brew pub or Minglewood, why wouldn’t I use this?  It’s just like the free rewards card from the Serenitee group where they just pound free stuff onto your account and if you don’t take advantage of it, it’s like pissing money out the window, or the Mass Save home energy audits where they come and replace all your brutally inefficient light bulbs for free and insulate your house and replace all your old temperature controls in your house for nothing.  Don’t take advantage of it while others reap all the rewards. Or going solar with Cazeault Solar where the credits pay for your system and all the energy saving goes or stays right in your pocket!   I’m here to highlight those no-brainer opportunities.  This is one.  Get on it!  Here’s the link to get BevRage on your smart phone.


Here’s some screenshots from my cell phone of current offers-

Get $5 if yo buy a bottle of Baileys, $3 on a handle of Captain Morgans.


Get $4 if you buy a handle of Stoli, $3 on a 750ml bottle of Stoli.


Get $1 if you do any shot at any Bar in town or $1.50 on any Whiskey cocktail.  you just snap a pic of your receipt and money gets added to your account!


$1 on any draught beer.


From the website-

Benefits to Consumers

  • Privacy – Your information is safe with us. Only your link to PayPal will be used in order to process rebates.
  • Discretion – bevRAGE is paperless and mobile. The days of pulling out a coupon for cash back are behind you
  • Discovering new brands – We’re in the know! Diversify your taste portfolio and allow us to introduce you to great brands.
  • Quick cash back – Rather than waiting months for mail-in rebates, bevRAGE deposits money directly into your PayPal account within 48 hours of submitting the receipt.
  • No balance requirements – Redeem once a day, a week, or a month ‚ there are no minimums or maximums.  Use bevRAGE whenever you want and wherever you are.
  • No ads – We won’t plague our users with constant SPAM messages or forcing them to watch videos and take surveys – we’re easy to use and we like it that way.
  • Drink or shop anywhere – See a deal you like? Buy at any store, restaurant or bar and we’ll be sure to redeem. Offers vary by state.