At $499.99, For 95% of Computer Users This Is A perfect SetUp and All You Need To Spend On A PC

Dell Inspiron 24 3000 Series All-In-One (Intel Core i3, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD)



Read the Reviews and Buy it on Amazon Here $499.99

24 Inch Full HD Screen. Once you use a nice large display like this you’ll never want to squint into a tiny laptop again.

This isn’t for a power user like me that crunches huge videos and needs insane processing power.  This is for everyone else that just likes to check their email, watch some YouTube videos, or Skype call their family members across the country.  This offers everything 95% of people need but it comes at the cheap price because you’re not buying super crazy high end processors which like I said 95% of people never need. 

It all comes with the pedestal stand and one-cord set up with wireless keyboard and mouse which even my mother could set up.

If you’re looking for a great computer (Rick Ardizzoni recommends Dells and it’s all I buy now because they are rock solid) for a cheap price  with a nice big display this is the computer for you.  If you are not editing HD videos all day or playing next year’s super high intense graphics computer games (if you’re over the age of 28 I’m guessing you’re not) then this is all the computer you need.  It also comes with Windows 10 which is the best operating system Microsoft has ever put out.  I hate seeing older people go to Best Buy and get up-selled into thinking they need an i7 processor and a terabyte of storage when they don’t need to spend $1000 and any one of them would be thrilled to be doing their computer stuff on this nice sleek system with a great sized screen for them to look at.

24 inch pedestal screen and built in speakers make it so you don’t have that tangled mess of wires running all over the place.  This is a sleek computer at a total value of a price.

And if you need help setting it up you can call the guy I call for all my computer needs- Donna’s Husband Rick Moore Ardizzoni.  He’s the best for your computer needs- 978-526-9222 

So there you go, my pick for 95% of normal computer users value computer-

Dell Inspiron 24 3000 Series All-In-One (Intel Core i3, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD)


15369200_1269057569808802_2144397114596680471_oCome join us for the last market of 2016 on 12/17 from 10-1

Pick up the last of the season’s produce, food items to get you you through the busy days ahead, and handmade gifts for all!

This year we are sponsoring a Holiday Food Drive for The Open Door-our goal is to collect 100 items at the market by noon-help us reach our goal-bring in 10 items or more and receive a free CAFM Tote!

We will have our amazing holiday raffle baskets featuring gift certificates and items from area restaurants and shops-also our CAFM membership drive-a memberships makes a great gift!!!!
For more info and to purchase a CAFM membership check our website at
To purchase raffle tickets before 12/17 please email


John Prybot climbed City Hall tower. Have you?



On special days throughout the year like Middle Street Walk, the generous Gloucester City Hall Restoration Committee volunteers provide City Hall Tower tours. The weather for Saturday’s Middle Street Walk was sunny, but blustery and chilly. Joe Rosa greeted visitors. Maggie Rosa and Steve Dexter from Carroll Steel Insurance bundled up and stayed up just so guests could climb for sweeping panoramas.

John Prybot, Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free librarian, was kind enough to grab these photos. The angle and brightness of the sun favored a photographic vista in one direction:  over and beyond the Sawyer Free library and Temple Ahavat Achim to the harbor and Stage Fort Park. You can see Middle Street steeples, the fire station, the lovely John and Dorothy Rando Memorial Garden and amphitheater, and the graceful balance of open space between the library, Central Grammar, and City hall. The library buildings and the temple architecture stand out and fit in.



Congressman Seth Moulton arriving at Rose Baker Senior Center for Town Hall

Full house!


Man at the Wheel gift from our “engaged bipartisan leaders” Mayor Romeo Theken, Senator Tarr, and Representative Ferrante on behalf of the City of Gloucester.

Bob Quinn presented a welcome with driftwood from our beaches on behalf of the Rose Baker Senior Center board hosting the Town Hall.


It wouldn’t be Christmas without CUCCIDATTI!

The second weekend, every December we make the Cuccidatti (fig cookies).   We would watch my Grandmother Beatrice (Sinagra) Frontiero make them with no real measuring but they would always come out the same…delicious!   These cookies are and will always be a flavor and smell that I’ve associated with Christmas time at Grandma’s house.   My Mom and I still do it the same way as my Grandma used to, using hand ground fig, citrus, walnuts and honey and now my daughters are part of the tradition.   We could change the recipe, we could use store bought fig, change the shape, or add choc chips like some families do, but it just wouldn’t be our family cookie recipe if we did.   Every family has their own cookie that brings them back to everything they remember as a child and this is it for me!   So almost 600 cookies later…they are done!



Pet of the week-Luna

Super Senior Luna here and my super power is “Gaze of Grace.” I am a sweet lady and I enjoy gentle pets under the chin and curling up next to you for a nice long cat nap. I have a gentle soul and I can’t wait to find a home to live the rest of my days out. I am a bit shy and can take some time to get used to new places and people. So I am looking for a home with more of an adult slant (children in their teens) who understand I will need space to settle in. I am considered a special needs adoption because when I arrived here they did some bloodwork and a few of my levels were off. They spoke to the vet and he said I am just fine to be adopted out but my new family will need to follow up with their vet to re-check my bloodwork. I also had to have all my teeth extracted due to gingivitis, it has not changed my eating habits and I am much more comfortable. The folks here tell me there is no further treatment necessary for the gingivitis but they wanted my new family to be aware. Do you have the space in your home and heart for a senior lady like me? Then stop by and visit today! To see all available animals at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter please go to our website:


Serious Question- Do people think I’ve lost my mind rescuing and restoring these classic @WeberGrills?

Friday I drove two hours to Bristol RI to rescue this 1978 Classic Metal Bowl Handle Redhead Weber Kettle. It belonged to a guy’s parents who had it in their garagefor years. Look at the dust. She is going to clean up beautifully. Rare red, especially in this kind of shape 38 years old.


Found this Blue Stainless Steel Blue EI Code ’97 Weber Performer. There are a lot of aficionados that say that the Stainless steel Table Performers with their sturdy black frames are the most timeless of the four generations of Performers. They haven’t made a stainless steel version of the Performers since so they are highly sought after. i’ll clean this baby up an dit will blow your socks off. Timeless beauty, timeless functionality.


So what say you?  Am I crazy for enjoying this hobby?  Vote in the poll and leave your comments on this post.